KINGS AND LIARS New Album "Transition Animals" Out Now on Salt of the Earth Records Sunday January 30 2022, 10:34 AM
KINGS AND LIARS New Album "Transition Animals" Out Now on Salt of the Earth Records
The new album from Connecticut-based hard rock juggernaut KINGS AND LIARS - featuring members of THE DEE SNIDER BAND, JASTA and   ENTIERRO - is out now on Salt the Earth Records!

Transition Animals   is now available on CD, vinyl and all streaming platforms.

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KINGS AND LIARS kicks off an 8-date tour in support of   Transition Animals t oday.   They will be joined by '70's-style Hendrixian Motör Funk band LORD BISHOP. Dates are as follows:

1/28 - Pompano Beach, FL @ Pipers

1/29 - Orlando, FL @ Shovelhead

1/30 - Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero

2/01 - Murfreesboro, NC @ Zakk's Coffeehouse

2/02 - Chesapeake, VA @ Riff House

2/03 - Baltimore, MD @ Zen West

2/04 - Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz

2/05 - Hamden, CT @ The Cellar on Treadwell (CD Release Party)

Compared to previous releases,   Transition Animals  sees a more streamlined band returning to the spotlight as a three-piece, hell-bent on delivering some heavy as all hell, well-crafted, catchy songs.

The members of KINGS AND LIARS share international notoriety as members of some severely ass-kicking bands... Kingdom Of Sorrow, The Dee Snider Band, Jasta, Entierro, and Toxic Holocaust to name a few. Charlie and Nick Bellmore have also written and recorded material for the upcoming solo album by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Cannibal Corpse).

Dummer Nick Bellmore is an uber-producer who has been at the helm of many many kick-ass releases. When great artists want to up the heavy, they call these guys.

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Charlie Bellmore: vocals/guitars
Nick Bellmeore: drums/vocals
Christopher Taylor Beaudette (vocals/bass)

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