COREY TAYLOR Marries ALICIA DOVE Tuesday October 15 2019, 6:29 AM

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor and his girlfriend of the past two years, Alicia Dove , tied the knot over the weekend in their hometown of Las Vegas.

The news of the marriage was confirmed by HELLYEAH bassist Kyle Sanders , who shared a photo of him with the happy couple, along with the following caption: "Great big love to Corey and Alicia for sealing the deal! Great times and grateful for being a part of your celebration of marriage. Plenty of good times to come"

Corey and Alicia got engaged in April. The singer announced the engagement by posting an Instagram photo of his future bride wearing the ring that he gave her, along with the caption: "L'adorilust. Forever. And Ever."

Asked by one of her Twitter followers how Corey proposed, Alicia responded: "After breakfast at home, as I put the salsa back in the fridge I shut the door and he was standing there with a ring. Got down on one knee, and I immediately started crying on the floor with him. In our kitchen. In our sweats, nothing fancy. It was fucking perfect."

Taylor and Dove began dating after the breakup of Corey eight-year marriage with Stephanie Luby , whom he wedded in November 2009. Taylor was previously married from 2004 to 2007 to a woman named Scarlett , with whom he shares a son. The singer also has a daughter from an earlier relationship.

Dove , who is a professional dancer and a member of the all-girl dance group CHERRY BOMBS , previously stated about Taylor : "I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have found it in a strong, kind-natured, respectful, genuine, supportive, and loving man such as [ Corey ]. As silly and as cliche as it sounds, I didn't know what real, selfless love was until him. His artistry, intelligence, and heart knows no bounds. He is my hero. My inspiration. My safe place."

Taylor called Dove "my best friend, "my confidant, "my push and pull, my warm kiss and my welcome home." He said: "She's everything I ever wanted and more, all rolled up into the most beautiful woman in the world to me." He added: "I thought I was lucky in life. But I never knew what it was like to REALLY be lucky... til I found her."

Top photo courtesy of Corey Taylor 's Instagram

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