LUNATIC HOOKERS VISUAL ATTACK Wednesday April 26 2017, 8:38 PM
The Beast

Transformation Walrus’ is taken from the album Embracing The Filth which has been picking up some great reviews since its release, just a week ago, through Black Bow Records

“Sometimes you get an extreme metal album that is so pernicious that it makes you sit, riveted to your seat unable to escape what in essence is an auditory affront on your body and mind leaving you without doubt that you’ve heard one of the most depraved yet sonically satisfying albums that will be released this year.” – BRUTALISM 4/5

“We’re long overdue for some gutturally sick grindcore; that Lock Up record was good – but Lunatic Hooker is REALLY good. For those who prefer their metal ugly and abrasive, get your hands dirty and EMBRACE THE FILTH.” – METAL RULES 4/5

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