Carpathian Forest confirmed for Imperium black metal festival 2020 Monday October 7 2019, 6:56 AM
Carpathian Forest confirmed for Imperium black metal festival 2020

The first year of black metal festival, Imperium, saw black metal heavyweights like Taake, Destroyer 666, Kampfar and Uada storm the gates of the stunning 17th century fortress, Fredriksten Festning in the picturesque town of Halden, Norway. 
Well, the intimate open air gathering is back for a second year and with the 2020 lineup just announced, next year looks set to be just as epic.
The first five bands have been announced today and the first three headliners are all true Norwegian metal acts: extreme metallers DHG/Dodheimsgard, black metal legends Carpathian Forest and Bergen Vikings Helheim. 
Plus, also announced are black metal supergroup Djevel and German extremists The Ruins of Beverast.
If the idea of seeing this impressive line-up of black metal luminaries playing in a historic, cobble stone fortress while watching the sun set over a fjord hasn't quite clenched it for you, we don't know what will! 
Check out the video below to see a clip of Destroyer 666 at this year's festival-

Imperium 2020 will take place July 9-11, 2020 in Halden, Norway and early bird tickets are available now for 1900 NOK (3 day festival pass), which roughly equates to 169GBP or 110USD.

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