GHOST On Next Album: 'I've Only Recorded, So Far, A Demo Of One Track' Monday September 23 2019, 6:20 AM
 GHOST On Next Album: 'I've Only Recorded, So Far, A Demo Of One Track'

During a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar , GHOST leader Tobias Forge talked about his plans for the band's next studio album, which will mark the follow-up to 2018's "Prequelle" .

He said: "I'm still yet to start the real process. The real process being: in January, I go into the studio, Monday through Friday, every week, just finishing tracks. That's how it works. So up until then, I don't know, there might be a song in my head but it's not finished until it's recorded. I've only recorded, so far, a demo of one track, just to get my rocks off and feel that I've started doing something. So one track is sort of listenable and then I have maybe 50 ideas for tracks, but generally, in order to make a song, you need about three ideas to be put together into a song. So I feel that four months from now, [there will be a] pile of ideas — riffs, vignettes, lyric ideas, and all these different things.

" 'From The Pinnacle To The Pit' [from GHOST 's third album, 2015's 'Meliora' ] was written on bass. That's why it sounds like that. Some are written as a drum idea, like 'Death Knell' [from GHOST 's 2010 debut 'Opus Eponymous' ] was written as a drum idea. So there are so many different angles that the songs can start from.

"But now, knowing that I have one song I can listen to and the pile of ideas, I feel very confident that [I can get a new album done] from January to September [2020]. That's the production window — January is starting and September is mastering, basically. I feel as prepared now as I have going in to make any of the previous albums."

GHOST spent the bulk of its summer as special guest on METALLICA 's four-leg "WorldWired" European stadium tour. Leg one saw GHOST playing to more than a quarter-million fans; leg two kicked off on June 8, and legs three and four took place in July and August.

GHOST kicked off its North American "Ultimate Tour Named Death" headline arena tour on September 13.

"Prequelle" debuted in June 2018 at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. It has yielded the chart-topping "Rats" and "Dance Macabre" , a well as the latest single, "Faith" .

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