New Promo: A Break in the Fence - Self-Contained - (Hardcore-Punk) Monday November 21 2022, 2:34 PM
New Promo: A Break in the Fence - Self-Contained - (Hardcore-Punk)

Release Date:  February 2nd, 2019

FFO: Comeback Kid, AFI (nitro era), Every Time I Die

Location: Stockholm, NJ

A Break in the Fence started as a lock-down project between Paul & Adam who between the two of them played in over 30 North Jersey projects since the late 90s (Adam) and early 2000s (Paul).  


I (Paul) released "self-contained" under a different name in 2019, but after much over-thought wanted to change the name before digital distribution.  I ran the idea by Adam, and he gave me the go ahead and we also decided to use this as a place to release other collaborative efforts that don't necessarily adhere to a specific genre.  

"Self-Contained" however is the uncompromised hardcore punk album that I've wanted to make since the late 2010s.  Wade helped with production and engineering and Kevin Carafa played drums on it and mixed it.

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