Advocatus Diaboli by The Noctambulant Monday April 24 2017, 9:28 PM
Advocatus Diaboli by The Noctambulant

THE NOCTAMBULANT is the creation of two veterans of the Florida music scene: E. Helvete (vocals/guitar), and D. Franseth (drums). While playing in other bands, these two friends discovered a mutual lure to forge their own path into the Black Metal genre – and The Noctambulant was born. Playing as a 3-piece band with additional musician Lars Goerschafft (bass), the new band played various local shows and crafted more original songs to record. The band added a second guitarist, John Hoarfrost to complete the lineup.

In March of 2014 The Noctambulant signed with Domestic Genocide Records to release a full-length album. The band played various shows and festivals throughout the US, including Death to Miami III, Deland Metal Festival, Black Kvlt Fest 2 and providing support for Moonspell, Skeletonwitch, Turisas, and Thy Antichrist. During the last half of the year, they went into the studio to record their first full length LP, “Advocatus Diaboli.”

The band was asked to tour the states with Nelderoth on their National summer tour - The Blood Hellfire, and Blasphemy Tour. After which The Noctambulant was approached by fellow Floridians, Promethean Horde, who invited the band to join them on their fall East coast tour. During this time, The Noctambulant released their 3rd EP, “Hubris and Nemesis,” and a music video for the track “Goddess” as preparation for the release of “Advocatus Diaboli” which was unleashed in August 2016.

On their debut album, The Noctambulant showcase a melody-infused black metal style that brings to mind early 90’s Swedish acts such as Dark Funeral and Dissection, with plenty of other influences from Europe as well as North America. Their music even has nods to traditional metal, which goes to show the band’s pure metal roots and understanding of the genre. The band’s second album is also in the making, tentative release being somewhere in 2018.

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