Bernie Sanders Ralley in Front of a "Knocked Loose" Billboard Tuesday August 27 2019, 9:33 PM
Bernie Sanders Ralley in Front of a "Knocked Loose" Billboard

MetalSucks reports: Say what you will about Knocked Loose, but there’s no question they’re capturing the energy and the imagination of the youth right now, even if that feud with Taylor Swift didn’t work out in their favor.
Arguably also capturing the energy and imagination of the youth: Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who unknowingly gave a stump speech in front of a Knocked Loose billboard in Louisville, KY, just a few miles from the band’s hometown. Sanders joined striking AT&T workers protesting the company’s labor practices as part of a coordinated event that took place across nine states.
While everyone on Twitter is freaking out about how cool it is that Knocked Loose’s billboard is getting all this additional press, and with Bernie, no less (indeed, all that is quite cool), I’m over here stuck on “Knocked Loose billboard.” Labels still buy billboard ads for bands?? Props to Pure Noise for spending that dough and getting an unexpected national boost on their investment.
Take a look at a brief video clip of Bernie speaking beneath the Knocked Loose billboard below.

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