SLIPKNOT Is 'Surprised' Nobody Has Figured Out TORTILLA MAN's Real Identity? Saturday August 10 2019, 7:28 PM
 SLIPKNOT Is 'Surprised' Nobody Has Figured Out TORTILLA MAN's Real Identity?

SLIPKNOT guitarist Jim Root says that he is "surprised" fans haven't been able to figure out the identity of the band's newest member — the percussionist nicknamed " Tortilla Man."

Tortilla Man joined SLIPKNOT three months ago, when he was first featured in the video for comeback single "Unsainted" . Since then, there has been much speculation about his name, with some SLIPKNOT fans getting quite obsessed with trying to work out the real identity of the band's latest recruit.

In a brand new interview with U.K.'s Rock Sound magazine, Root said that he is amazed that SLIPKNOT 's newest member has managed to remain anonymous for this long. "I'm actually surprised that nobody has sussed out who it is yet, but nobody has," he said. "And in this day and age of social media, with phones and cameras everywhere, that's kinda interesting. I've seen the Tortilla Guy hashtag when I'm going through my Instagram and all of that and I think it's pretty funny. It's weird because I've met this guy before, I know who he is, but he's really kind of elusive, even around our camp. I've had some people tell me, 'Don't tell us who he is. We're having fun trying to figure it out!' So I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about all of that and see what happens. Eventually someday someone's going to figure it out…"

SLIPKNOT 's other percussionist, founding member Shawn "Clown" Crahan , refused to reveal the identity of the band's mysterious new ninth member in an interview with Kerrang! magazine, saying it was "nobody's fucking business."

SLIPKNOT 's previous percussionist, Chris Fehn , sued the band in March, claiming he hadn't been properly compensated for his years of touring and recording with the group. Fehn , a member since 1998, was officially dismissed from the band earlier this year.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 , SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor said Tortilla Man had won the respect of bands and fans. "He's doing great and is a great dude," he said. "He's killing it, man."

Asked how anyone becomes an official member of SLIPKNOT , Taylor said: "First of all, you've got to wear the tortilla on your face. And the audience has to figure out who you are. With Tortilla Man , it's kinda cool. It's brought this whole new energy to everybody as well, so it's a lot of fun to watch him as well."

SLIPKNOT 's sixth studio album, "We Are Not Your Kind" , will arrive on August 9. The band kicked off its North American headlining tour on July 26 in Mountain View, California.

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