Dayton Shooter Was In a “Pornogrind” Band That Released Songs About Raping and Killing Women Monday August 5 2019, 8:32 PM
Dayton Shooter Was In a “Pornogrind” Band That Released Songs About Raping and Killing Women

As more is becoming known about the shooter in Dayton, who left nine killed including his sister, more of a focus is being put on the fact that the shooter was a metalhead. First, a reporter pointed out that the shooter was wearing a hoodie by The Acacia Strain when committed his senseless act. Now, after digging done on social media, some outlets have discovered that the shooter used to be in a pornogrind band.

Buzzfeed actually had a pretty fair description of the genre:

Pornogrind is a subgenre of a fast and extreme kind of heavy metal called grindcore, which is known for its mostly dark, satirical themes of sexual violence and gore delivered for shock value.

Vice News was a bit more sensationalist. In a story titled EXCLUSIVE: DAYTON SHOOTER WAS IN A “PORNOGRIND” BAND THAT RELEASED SONGS ABOUT RAPING AND KILLING WOMEN, Vice noted the shooter "was deeply involved in the misogynistic, male-dominated “goregrind” or “pornogrind” extreme metal music scene. It has a regional following in the Midwest and is known for sexually violent, death-obsessed lyrics and dehumanizing imagery depicting women."

The shooter would perform live vocals occasionally for the band Menstrual Munchies. Buzzfeed noted the band only had 1,700 likes, before another member of the band removed any trace of the act from social media, saying he was disgusted with the actions of the shooter.

Song titles included "Preteen Daughter Pu$$y Slaughter" and "Cunt Stuffed With Medical Waste – Sexual Abuse Of A Teenage Corpse."

Buzzfeed described the album art as "equally explicit. One album cover shows a woman consuming feces, while another shows an illustration of a young woman's headless body chained to a bed, covered in blood, as a man puts his pants back on." Don't show Buzzfeed any Pissgrave artwork.

Pornogrind is a joke, a bad joke. Some might even say an outdated joke in today's society. This is not the cause of the shooter's malice, but the result.

The shooter had other issues, like putting out a hit list on girls at his high school , resulting in the school being temporarily put on lock down. Via MetalInjection



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