Sharon Osbourne Reveals Why OZZY OSBOURNE Will Play In Israel Sunday July 28 2019, 7:00 PM
Sharon Osbourne Reveals Why OZZY OSBOURNE Will Play In Israel

During a recent interview with Celebrity Access,  Sharon Osbourne  has revealed the reason why Ozzy wanted to play in Israel.

Interviewer asked:

With many artists denying to play in Israel, what about Ozzy? At a press conference last year Ozzy was asked if he had felt any pressure not to play in Israel, and you jumped in to say, “I’m half a*sed. We play where we want to play.”

Sharon said:

“We tour in Israel. Do you know why?”

Interviewer said:

“You are part Jewish, and fans in Israel want to see Ozzy?”

Sharon responded:


“People book Ozzy to play there. Religion has nothing to do with it. The thing is we have never been asked once to go to Palestine (the Palestinian territories) and perform. Not once.”

Interviewer asked:

“Would you consider an invite to attend or speak at the annual Palestine Music Conference in Ramallah?”

Sharon replied:

“Yes, I would. This thing there goes beyond religion. This has nothing to do with religion now. Everybody has a right.


When people ask me about Palestinians I say, “I hate the fact of what is happening. I hate the fact that you get children throwing stones at soldiers. They have nothing, but stones and then they get shot at. My heart goes out to them. Throwing stones is all they have.”

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