Akerbeltz was summoned as a black metal entity! Thursday April 13 2017, 4:59 PM
Akerbeltz was summoned as a black metal entity!

Hailing from Spain, Akerbeltz was summoned as a black metal entity back in 1996 by Akerbeltz and Lilith, but soon later, Lilith abandoned the project due to musical differences. Nevertheless, she still continues collaborating with Akerbeltz from time to time in some recordings.

So far, the following Akerbeltz albums have been released through the years: Spreading the Eternal Mayhem (1997), A Wave of Darkness (2000), Tabellae Defixionum (2001), Akerhell (2002), Never Deny From the Powers of Sorcery (2005), Infernuko Erreka (2010), and the upcoming Satanic for homeland label BlackSeed Productions. But, during that time, also a lot of split releases have been released in different formats with bands and different labels from all over the world. Even if Akerbeltz has never been intended to be a live band, after the release of the Never Deny From the Powers of Sorcery album, they appeared at the infamous Under The Black Sun Festival back in 2005.

Akerbeltz's eponymous mainman has played different instruments in several bands and projects, not necessarily related to black metal, since 1989. He played guitar for Countess, Beheaded Lamb, and Harridan; appeared singing and playing drums in one song of a Sale Freux album; did vocals for Winter Frost demo; and actually plays drums with full dedication for Körgull The Exterminator. Nowadays, with the imminent release of the Satanic album, Akerbeltz as an entity continues its activity and stands ready to find an ending to a deed which started over 20 years ago.

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