ZAKK WYLDE Reveals His Favorite P*rnstar, For Some Reason Tuesday April 30 2019, 12:13 AM
ZAKK WYLDE Reveals His Favorite P*rnstar, For Some Reason

Now sure how, but in a recent interview with Louder Sound , Zakk Wylde reached the topic of watching p*rn and was asked to choose between the works of Rocco Siffredi and Nick Manning .

He replied:

“Let’s face it, both of them are a win-win. If I had to choose, I’d probably go with Rocco. I discovered him first, and it’s always satisfaction guaranteed. You’re always gonna get a quality motion picture with Rocco.

“But Nick is amazing, too. Both guys are killin’. They’re doing their thing for humanity and mankind, and they make the world a more relaxed place.”

During the rest of the interview, Zakk discussed whether the age of the songwriter is an important factor when it comes to crafting songs.

“I don’t know if age matters when it comes to songwriting. I mean, yeah, you get older and you have more things to write about – you’ve just seen more and you have more to draw from.

“Even when I was partying, I was never the type of guy to write about partying. That stuff just seemed goofy to me. It’s more interesting to write about life and religion and war. There’s inspiration everywhere. I might see a movie and go, ‘Oh, that’s a cool thing to write about.’ I guess I just gravitate toward that kind of thing than, you know, silly sh*t.

“All the bands I grew up loving, they didn’t write about corny stuff. Look at Zeppelin. It wasn’t always ‘Whole Lotta Love’; sometimes it was ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ They were going for something pretty heavy there. And Sabbath, what are they talking about in ‘Iron Man’ and ‘War Pigs’?

“So I think your maturity level can grow even when you’re rockin’. You can’t just stay in the same place as you were when you’re 17.”

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