DOOMSTRESS: Texas Retro-metal Outfit to Release Anticipated Debut Album, Sleep Among the Dead Thursday April 11 2019, 8:47 PM
DOOMSTRESS: Texas Retro-metal Outfit to Release Anticipated Debut Album, Sleep Among the Dead

It's fortunate that Doomstress find themselves part of a music scene patient enough to wait nearly 20 years for a new Sleep record, because this band spent quite a bit of time building up to the release of their debut album.
Formed in 2016 by Alexis Hollada on bass and vocals along with guitarist Brandon Johnson, Doomstress pared down their work in the more epic-minded Project Armageddon to focus on, according to Indy Metal Vault, "a more somber atmosphere with concise songwriting to match."
Over the following three years, the band took a less than typical approach in focusing largely on touring and live appearances, hitting the road for 9 full tours and playing countless festivals across the country.
Their plan worked. Audiences who witnessed their powerful live attack came to demand, more and more, the arrival of a full album to expand on the singles and EPs Doomstress periodically dropped while refining and intensifying their molten blend of retro, doom-laden melodic metal.
Now, at last, Sleep Among the Dead is ready to burst onto an unsuspecting metal audience, who may be surprised to find nods to Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus creeping in alongside the possibly more expected shades of Holy Grove and Monolord-esque modern doom.


DOOMSTRESS - Sleep Among the Dead releases on May 10th, 2019 through DHU Records on vinyl and Ripple Music on CD and worldwide digital.

Doomstress will also be supporting the new album with an array of live appearances, festival dates and mini-tours as follows:
4/20 - Austin, TX @ Buried in Smoke Fest (Kick Butt Cafe)
4/26 - San Antonio, TX @ Limelight *
4/27 - Houston, TX @ Rudyard's Pub with Liquid Sound Company *
4/28 - Lafayette, LA @ The Freetown Boom Boom Room *
5/28 - San Antonio, TX @ Limelight with Royal Thunder and Witchcryer
6/19 - Houston, TX @ Rudyard's Pub with Royal Thunder
7/27 - Canton, OH @ Ohio Doomed & Stoned Fest II (The Buzzbin)
8/2 - Houston, TX @ Rudyard's Pub ^
8/3 - Austin, TX @ The Lost Well ^
8/4 - Lafayette, LA @ The Freetown Boom Boom Room ^
* Mini-tour supporting The Lucid Furs
^ Mini-tour supporting Demon Eye

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