COLDBLOOD - Sulphur [NEW MUSIC VIDEO 2017] Wednesday April 12 2017, 6:53 PM

After the release of the album "Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil", which has received excellent reviews around the world, one of the most traditional names of Brazilian Death Metal, COLDBLOOD, prepareD a new video clip. Once again the band worked with renowned CS Music Videos. The group recorded the footage at Iguaçu New Cemetery & Old Cemetery of the Slaves in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The chosen song is ‘Sulphur’, seventh number of the new ‘Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil’.

estimony from Diego Mercadante (Vocals & Guitars):

"Sulphur" is a song with a simple structure and a very strong physical extra energy, a lyrical delirium that describes the scenery of the location as well. As the lyrics say, we literally went to the confines of hell to make this shooting! The illustrative clip is a neophyte being attracted by a black Sendero, bearer of all the trans-cultural knowledge of the black pantheon. An endless saga without a return path begins... "

The album ‘Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil’ is now available for sale. The album was mixed and mastered at Studio Underworld in Germany by Mersus that besides producer is drummer of the band Destroyer 666. The cover was provided by the artist Rafael Tavares (Azaghal, Blood Red Throne, Ocultan, NervoChaos, Ophiolatry).

“Sulphur” is a particularly grim example of what the album has to offer, a dose of cold poison that hammers heartlessly and seethes in bursts of predatory chaos. --------------- NCS


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