Getaway Van - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday March 23 2019, 11:35 AM
Getaway Van - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Getaway Van from Vancouver, Canada joins The Zach Moonshine Show for a live Q&A with fans and listeners! We talk about the recording of the latest album and the local scene and more! This episode features new music from Death Angel, Possessed, Leash Eye, Clouds Taste Satanic, Grouch & The Brainstorm, Triumvir Foul, Farsot, ColdWorld, Devin Townsend, Totally Overrated Sellouts, Helrunar, and more!

Track List

1 - Shout At The Devil, Knock 'em Dead, Kid, Stick To Your Guns (Unreleased Track) - Motley Crue
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro: G13 IPA and Prophecy Productions!
3 - Humanicide - Death Angel
4 - No More Room In Hell - Possessed
5 - Moonshine Pioneers - Leash Eye
6 - Bullshitting On Air: Shouts to Bobby Paranoize & A Hanging
7 - Middle Aged Delinquent, Sticks-N-Stones (and a Sawed Off Shotgun), Graft - A Hanging
8 - Violence - Clouds Taste Satanic
9 - Getaway Van Interview featuring Comin' Back, Follow Me, Lord I've Been Running
10 - Bullshitting On Air: Recapping the interview and shouts to Ben Holny and Grouch & The Brainstorm
11 - Take The Offer, Feeling Just Fine - Grouch & The BrainStorm
12 - Urine of Abomination II - Triumvir Foul
13 - Devourer of Time - Jason Aaron Wood
14 - Bullshitting On Air: Shouts to Prophecy Productions and impeccable metadata insertions!
15 - Erde I - Farsot
16 - Wasser I (Seaghouls) - ColdWorld
17 - I am a Virus, Fed to the Animals - Inhuman Atrocities
18 - Cycles Of Tragedy - BORN OF OSIRIS
19 - Killers & Kings, Now We Die - Machine Head
20 - Love?, Bring On The Young - Strapping Young Lad
21 - Evermore - DEVIN TOWNSEND
22 - Happiness in Slavery (Remixed by T. Reznor and Chris Vrenna with P.K.) - Nine Inch Nails
23 - scarlet-letters-1 - Totally Overrated Sellouts
24 - Saturnus - Helrunar

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Hey, we’re Getaway Van: Four fellas who are just tryin' to make you feel like you're flying down the side of a mountain in a speeding 80s cargo van.
Based out of Vancouver, BC, Getaway Van was formed when Derek and Charlie’s previous band fell apart. They found Devon; a drummer fresh in Vancouver from Kelowna. He then got his roommate, and childhood friend, Zack, to pick up a bass and join the boys. Their next logical course of action was making some straight up rock n' roll, the best ways they knew how.
It’s foot-to-the-floor rock n' roll that shakes rooms like a straight piped V8. Bringing roots of stoner rock, blues, punk, and folk, a Getaway Van performance is your very own experience of controlled chaos.
Just 4 dudes from BC who love music, love creating it, and love sharing it with people. We hope ya like it.
Getaway Van consists of:
- Charlie Cole (Vocals/Guitar/Piano)
- Zachary Fox (Vocals/Bass/Guitar)
- Derek Lionas (Vocals/Guitar/Bass)
- Devon Sutherland (Drums)


“Getaway Van are hurtling out of Vancouver with a sound that is greasier than a day old bucket of KFC in Orange Goblin’s tour bus. Rating 8/10”
— Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume Music
February 7th, 2019
“There are a few bands who have me excited about where their careers are headed, and Getaway Van is one of them. When I first starting listening to them, I felt like I was flying down the side of a mountain in an old cargo van, just like they wanted. My heart was racing, I was ready to start headbanging, and I had some fun just listening to the first few songs. Their self-titled debut album is a solid foundation for them to grow on.”
— Alyssa Gelata, DOMINIONATED
February 22nd, 2019
"Getaway Van starts this album with a very interesting intro, piano melodies and a rich atmosphere that slowly accompany to the second track “Branches”, just the opposite of the previous one, guitar riffs and psycho sound, raw and hypnotic, good piece for this charismatic band."
— Valeria Campagnale, Rockers and Other Animals
February 4th, 2019
“Translated from Spanish w/ Google: "The work consists of 10 songs in three quarters of an hour, 10 extremely pleasant cuts, well elaborated, with all the essence of the stoner printed on them, but not only the stoner lives the band: blues , folk and even punk can breathe as long of his debut album. A remarkable and hopeful start of the Canadian band."”
— Beto LS, Science of Noise
February 3rd, 2019
“New to the Vancouver rock scene, Getaway Van has been maneuvering through venues to bring their slightly out of control punky blues stoner fuzz rock to entertained audiences for the last year.”
— Shane Bradley, We Rock Webzine
January 24th, 2019
“Anthemic, macho rock that is equal parts urgent and posturing, “Lord I’ve Been Running” plays true to its title. Incessantly walking guitar streaks up and down the fretboard, accompanied by a larger-than-life vocal performance from the rocking Vancouverites. A little bit of desert haze creeps into this tune, too – imagine ZZ Top decided to score an 80s-era film epic, and you’ve got yourself some Getaway Van.”
— Mathew Kahansky, A Journal of Musical Things - New Music From The Inbox
January 28th, 2019

Super big shout out to Prophecy Productions for sending me this devastating package! Was totally not expecting this and it made for a great surprise this week! 4 cd's of black metal mayhem from Helrunar, Farsot/Coldworld, Eye Of Nix, and a Forest Of Stars! Also thanks to Teechip for making quality bad ass MDR shirts for me to wear! You can get your own MDR threads HERE ! Be sure to check out Prophecy Productions for some quality fucking music here at this link

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