Hegeroth - Disintegration - Reviewed By metalbite! Wednesday September 13 2023, 2:27 PM
Hegeroth - Disintegration - Reviewed By metalbite!

Hegeroth - Disintegration - Reviewed By metalbite ! Check it out here at this link: https://metalbite.com/album/55766/hegeroth-disintegration

Review by Vladimir on September 9, 2023.

As the year of 2023 begins to slowly disintegrate while nearing its end, metal releases just keep on coming and there are some that symbolically represent the fall of this year. The topic of this review is a polish black metal band Hegeroth and their upcoming fifth full-length album Disintegration, due to be released on October 9th this year. 

Hegeroth utilizes a very heavy and aggressive approach where tremolo picking riffs and blast beat drums altogether sound like grinding steel, which combined with the harsh vocal style makes it sound more destructive. Some riffs in particular have a touch of musical dissonance in them, the best example being the third track 'The Dirt' which in its less than 3-minute runtime feels like a very cacophonic serenade. The album also manages to throw in some dose of rhythmic catchiness to the already established bone crushing, which is present on tracks 'The Ritual' and 'The Shepherd'. Something that caught my eye during the track 'The Ring' was a section where the vocalist Bila starts singing in a higher register, which unexpectedly and perhaps unintentionally sounded like Brian Johnson of AC/DC. There were times where I couldn’t help but think that the album has some moments that reminded me of Morbid Angel, even at times I would keep telling myself “This part here is what you’d get if Morbid Angel played black metal”, especially on tracks such as 'Uplifted' and 'The Ring'. Throughout my listening, I personally struggled to find a certain track or even a riff that really manages to stand out, because the album is sort of straightforward and one-dimensional, despite there being some kickass moments. It’s not a matter of criticism towards the band’s performance and musicality, far from it, but it’s mostly aimed at their songwriting, which feels a bit lackluster and is anything but memorable. There is not really that much I could say about the album’s sound production other than the fact that it’s heavy yet a tad bit overproduced. 

In the end, despite its one-dimensional songwriting and generally lack of memorable moments, I think that Disintegration is an overall decent album that has its strengths and weaknesses. Even though in my opinion the album definitely could have been better, I believe it would still manage to get some attention and praise from fans of modern black metal. 

Rating: 7.2 out of 10 metalbite

Release Date: October 9, 2023.

FFO: Dark Funeral, Immortal, Emperor

Location: Poland

Polish black metal band Hegeroth presents the first single from its upcoming fifth album Disintegration. The album is scheduled for release on October 9, 2023.

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The song can also be found on the band's Bandcamp profile and streaming services:

Along with the single, a PRE-ORDER of the Disintegration album is being launched via Bandcamp:

The Disintegration album is open and energetic black metal not devoid of non-genre influences. The dark and non-obvious melodics, diversity and multilayered nature are reinforced by the title Disintegration, which heralds the imminent collapse of the ideological machine imposing the only correct model of thinking.

The Disintegration album contains 9 tracks recorded in the band's studio (HH Soundlab Studios). The cover artwork was created by Maciej Kamuda ( Blut aus Nord, Nunslaughter, Master, Kingdom, Deceased ).

The album's publisher will be the band itself, which once again, from the recording of the first riff to the physical medium, is overseeing the entire production and publishing process. Disintegration will be available as a CD (jewel), digital version and on streaming services. 

The title snake from the presented single with extraordinary perfidy slides through and enters the innermost recesses of our lives to sow propaganda of contempt under the guise of tradition and godliness. \m/Beware the snake\m/

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