Zach Moonshine Reviews New Gravehuffer & Leaks Premier Date! Sunday March 10 2019, 9:04 PM
Zach Moonshine Reviews New Gravehuffer & Leaks Premier Date!

If these two songs are any hint of what the next full length from Gravehuffer is gonna sound like, they are going to be huge! Demon Face is based on a story about a man with two faces. Edward Mordake (variously Mordrake ) is the apocryphal subject of an urban legend who was, according to the legend, born in the 19th century, heir to an English peerage, and had an extra face on the back of his head. The duplicate face could not see, eat or speak out loud but was said to "sneer while Mordake was happy" and "smile while Mordake was weeping". Mordake repeatedly begged doctors to have his "demon face" removed, claiming that it whispered things that "one would only speak about in hell" at night, but no doctor would attempt it. According to the legend, Mordake committed suicide at the age of 23.

This song features some changes from the normal formula Gravehuffer is known for. Starts out with a really cool talking, vocal thing that makes me think about the Demon Face talking to Edward. It is really creepy sounding and builds up into a frenzy. The vocals really sound crazy, like a maniac, like someone suffering from some serious mental issues, and it is perfect! The second track Stalingrad's Cross takes off into a completely different direction, giving you an instant dynamic change from one track to the next, which is something i love. This track also features a really cool guest solo (from members of a band called Sardis ).

These tracks take you on a journey of sounds. Heavy riffs, clean guitar parts and a melodic ending. Like i said earlier, if this is a hint of what is ahead on the next full length from Gravehuffer , fans will be in for a treat! The band shows on these two tracks on this E.P. that they are not afraid to take risks and change it up a bit but still remain true to the core of what Gravehuffer is and sounds like. The production value of these two tracks is a step up from the last release, which sounded great itself. This one just seems to pump out of the speakers a bit louder, or maybe that is just me listening to it too fucking loud. Whatever the case may be, this is not the type of music that you listen to on a laptop or a cell phone. This is the type of music that you crank from a massive stereo with huge speakers and the volume cranked! You have to feel it as well as hear it, to get the full effect. I have already pre ordered this 7" from Noslip Records and if you are a fan, you should do yourself a favor and grab a copy before they are all sold out! The songs will be making their world premier on my show coming up on 3/29/19 along with a live interview with the band! - Zach Moonshine


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