DEKATHLON release new digital single - features current and ex-members of CIRCLE+ Thursday March 7 2019, 10:59 PM
DEKATHLON release new digital single - features current and ex-members of CIRCLE+

Today, synthwave enigmas Dekathlon release the new digital single "Two Worlds." It can be heard HERE at Ektro Records' Bandcamp as well as HERE at Ektro's Soundcloud.

Afterhours party music for babyboomers’ offspring in a time when lobotomy is no longer an option. We have come to mimic our own puddles of consciousness like an accelerating delay on a pedal board.
Our audio images are replicated in an open space of content, waiting for context-creators to pick up the cues.Memories evaporate and transform to keep us acutely aware of the shifting nature of our points of reference. The paranoid pace of transmuting algorithms brings forth a thick wall of background noise (the axes of invisibility).
We have been forced to adopt expressions deemed unacceptable due to lack of ontological base. True meaning to content is endowed by context by which we determine the plausibility of our axioms.
Now, in our newly created maze of monoliths, we have been deprived of our ability to apply reflection. The simian multilateralism is eradicated by the sensory deprivation imposed upon us by our technologies.
We now no longer see ourselves in the eyes of others; we no longer hear ourselves in the song of others.
Dekathlon are: Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharoah Overlord, Aktor et. al.) and Janne Peltomäki (ex-Circle), with vocal contributions from Maria Stereo and Anssi Kasitonni.

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