"Oneyoudontknow" Trashes New Gravehuffer Songs In One Of The Most Poorly Written Reviews Ever! Wednesday February 27 2019, 9:19 PM
"Oneyoudontknow" Trashes New Gravehuffer Songs In One Of The Most Poorly Written Reviews Ever!

Who the fuck is "Oneyoudontknow" anyway? Some dude that writes reviews in Metal Archives apparently? Well, Ritchie Randall, one of the members of Gravehuffer, posted this on his Facebook earlier and it is pretty fucking hilarious! Grammar mistakes aside, the fact that he keeps referring to a 2 song E.P. as an album, has me rolling.

I have not myself heard the tracks yet, as they are not available for streaming at the moment. I have been a fan of Gravehuffer for some time now though and can't imagine the new tracks to be all that different from the formula they have stuck with, as long as i have known them. Which makes me think this guy must be trolling them, or is he trying to be funny? Have a read for yourself and tell us what you think!

"Did someone actually listen to this album from a critical perspective?
Did noone thought the first part of "Demon Face" might be a bad idea?
Noone? That part might be one of the worst this band has produced so
far. Plain awful. The sound of the vocals, their dynamics and the music
with its nonessential arrangements leaves one wondering about what is
actually going on here. Not that the second track would leave a
considerable better impression. It is equally annoying, but on a lesser
level. The only positive aspect of these two tracks is when the band
moves entirely away from everything they have done in "Demon Face" and
head onward to some proper metal with nice guitar leads.
Yes, we all need to communicate, we all want to get our ideas across.
The way it is being done on this album leaves a lot to be desired. The
somewhat monotonous way in which a good portion of the texts are
presented drags all of the atmosphere down. Certainly, there are riffs
and arrangements that help to carry all along, but it is unnecessary to
spend much words on these as their share of the performance is drowned
by the pointless rambling of the vocals. But why? Has this always been
the case? How do these new tracks fare with the previous output?
For reasons that are difficult to fathom, the band has revamped their
music and "evolved" their style to this nonesense. Dynamics? Dead. Sick
atmosphere? vanished. Proper balancing of facets? Stuff for loosers and
therefore discarded. Punk facets? Dead as well. A short revisit to their
"Your Fault" album that preceded this one makes clear what is wrong with
this current one. Stylistically it is limited in complexity. The tracks
are rather straight-forward and avoid too much variation. There is a bit
of punk, doom and sludge in it, while the solo part in "Demon Face" has
some thrash-influences. A weak clone of bands like MOD or SOD or a tame
Suicidal Tendencies.
Hell, what an annoying piece of music. Undoubtedly the low point of the
band's discography as of now.
all the best

Check out Gravehuffer on Bandcamp and pre order the new 7" E.P.

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