BOBBIE BROWN To Release 'Cherry On Top' Book In July Wednesday February 27 2019, 6:49 PM
BOBBIE BROWN To Release 'Cherry On Top' Book In July

Bobbie Brown , an actress and model and probably best known as the video vixen in WARRANT 's "Cherry Pie" video, will release her second book, "Cherry On Top" , on July 9 via Rare Bird Books .

"Cherry On Top" tackles beauty, dating, friendship, motherhood and sex for the single woman from the perspective of one who has seen and done it all ― or so she thought.

After the publication of her Sunset Strip memoir "Dirty Rocker Boys" , the serial star dater found herself inundated by e-mails from women of all ages, especially women in their 40s. They asked how she stays looking so young, her sex tips, and shared their own stories about recovery from drug addiction, toxic relationships and motherhood. They begged her for a second book in which she could answer their questions on what it means to be a badass, independent woman on the dating scene today ― giving rise to this book "Cherry On Top" .

In a 2018 interview, Bobbie told Empire Extreme that she loved writing. "It's such a fun process. And I even loved doing the audio book. I'm working with the same ghost writer and she gets me. This book is going to a lot funnier and about catching up and stuff within my life now and stuff to do and not to do in life."

Brown , who met Lane on the set of the "Cherry Pie" video, married the singer in 1990 and had one daughter with Jani , Taylar Jayne Lane , before the couple divorced in 1993.

"I will never be bothered being called the 'Cherry Pie' girl or Ms. Cherry Pie," she told Screamer Magazine in 2013. "It is how most people know me and it has made me who I am today and I can't deny that and I'm very grateful. It's amazing to me at the so-called fans out there who do have the hatred and the ugliness for me. I often get asked not to engage, but I can't help it as I'm only defending myself."

A few years ago, Brown starred in a reality series called "Ex-Wives Of Rock" , which premiered in August 2012 on the Canadian network Slice and was co-produced by the FEMME FATALE frontwoman Lorraine Lewis . - Blabbermouth


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