Through Realms Unseen by ENTRAPMENT Saturday April 8 2017, 4:35 PM
Through Realms Unseen by ENTRAPMENT

Don’t they say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Or can you? After all, over the course of only seven years, ENTRAPMENT – or, in that specific case, its sole proper member Michel Jonker – have carved quite a name for themselves in the ever-stretching European "classic" death metal family on the strength of no less than three demos, one compilation, two albums, one split, and one EP. And from the get-go, the original Absorbed and Massive Assault drummer showed the rest of the world that, indeed, he knew his way around an double axis based on Asphyx's putrid riffing and Entombed's early D-beat fixation…

While quite not a departure of any sort, ENTRAPMENT's third full-length, Through Realms Unseen, initially put out through Pulverised Records last fall on CD and now rightfully available on a glorious gatefold LP thanks to your ever-reliable DOOMENTIA buddies, will still surprise those who thought they’ve heard it all. Fear not, the basics are still heavily rooted in an early '90s type of (rotten) sound, and in the studio, Michel still handles all instruments, including vocals. But the heavier approach of some of the tracks ("Dominant Paradigm" and its bulldozer midsection) and the inclusion of few melodic parts such as opening salvo "Omission" - but as in "morbid and funeral-like melodic parts," okay? – ensure this is, by far, ENTRAPMENT's most diverse work yet...all in the service of death metal, of course. You think you’ve heard it all, don’t you? Think again. And get rotten.


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