Pre-Order Ancient Altar - Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras on Black Voodoo Records! Sunday February 17 2019, 10:53 PM
Pre-Order Ancient Altar - Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras on Black Voodoo Records!

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On April 19th 2019, ANCIENT ALTAR will finally release the vinyl edition of Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras via Black Voodoo Records.

In the spring of 2016, the members of Ancient Altar made the trek up to Oakland, CA to record with Greg Wilkinson at Ear Hammer Studios. Over the course of four days, they worked to create what has become the Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras EP.

Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras marks a somewhat dramatic shift in Ancient Altar’s approach, which is readily apparent in the increased use of melodic vocals. The thematic content of both songs alludes to feelings of helplessness, loss of control both personally, and as a society, mortality, and an unwillingness on the part of humanity to accept reality and universal truths.

Guitarist/Vocalist Barry Cavener commented about the album: "Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras is the culmination of who we were as a band and as individuals, and the purposeful drive to create something with intensity and meaning. We’ve moved on and evolved as a band, as there have been member changes, but this album captures exactly who Ancient Altar was, and still is today. From the music to the artwork, which is also something really special to us, we hope this EP is something that speaks to you."

Since the recording of Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras, Ancient Altar has seen the departure of the previous drummer and lead guitarist, and is now a three piece, with Geoff Summers, formerly of Batillus and A Storm of Light as their new drummer. With their new lineup solidified, Ancient Altar is already writing and recording new material, and is looking forward to what 2019 will bring

Pre-order the EP on vinyl here:

Ancient Altar is:

Barry Cavener - Guitar/Vocals
Scott Carlson - Bass/Vocals
Jesse Boldt - Guitar
Etay Levy – Drums

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