Watch The New Video From Tribulance Here! Saturday January 26 2019, 9:46 PM
Watch The New Video From Tribulance Here!

Reborn in 2012 from the ashes of 1998, original founding TRIBULANCE members, Michael Vidal, Sal Flores, and Gino Silva recruited drummer Brandon Lee, picked up the pieces where they left off a few short years ago, and have hit the ground running!

With the release of the highly anticipated "The Aftermath of Lies" cd, TRIBULANCE is gearing up for big things in 2017.

Taking the "Go Big or Go Home" approach, TRIBULANCE will stop at nothing to prove they have what it takes to be taken seriously in the Metal/Hard Rock/Rock world.

TRIBULANCE believes in giving their fans "A Show!" They deliver straight, in your face, no nonsense metal, and will hit you with an energetic live performance and stage show that will leave you wanting more.

Check out the interview they recently did on The Thunderhead Show HERE!

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