Vocaldrop - Streaming At Asahartz New Rock Show! Sunday October 18 2020, 3:24 PM
Vocaldrop - Streaming At Asahartz New Rock Show!

Vocaldrop - Streaming At Asahartz New Rock Show! check it out here at this link: https://www.greatermanchesterrockradio.co.uk/services

Totally destroying the polls all month long on the Battle Of The Bands at MDR with a total of 35,412 votes! Vocaldrop is Band Of The Month on Metal Devastation Radio for October 2020. Tune in and hear them streaming every hour during general rotation all month long!

Vocaldrop is a hard rock band based out of central Florida and have been rocking the local music scene since mid 2000. There influences cover a wide range of artists though out the decades. From The Beatles to Slipknot .

"Every song that is written is based on life events we have experienced and delivered on a roller coaster of emotions."

Vocaldrop is currently broadening there horizons to share there experience with the world.

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