The Heaviest Tour of 2019 Is...? Saturday January 19 2019, 2:44 PM
The Heaviest Tour of 2019 Is...?

Decades in the making, the co-headlining American tour featuring death metal titans Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel is now less than one month away and already has one tour member saying, "It's going to be the biggest Decibel Tour ever." The latest issue of your favorite metal mag has exclusive interviews with these two godfathers of death metal as well as with tour co-conspirators Immolation , Necrot and Blood Incantation . Each issue is combined with a flexi disc featuring an exclusive track from reanimated Texas death outfit Mammoth Grinder , so he who sleeps will find their dreams destroyed. Pick up your copy today!
Dismember Reunite for Scandinavia Deathfest
in October
The Swedish death metal legends return after an eight-year hiatus.
The Decibel Magazine Tour 2019 Tickets
After reading up on what's in store, be sure to attend the never-before-seen co-headlining tour featuring Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel ! With support from Immolation , Necrot and Blood Incantation , this is any death metal fan's dream team.
Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Philly 2019 Tickets
Why stop there? Be sure to get tickets to catch Philly's most brutal booze fest with performances by Triptykon , Baroness , Obituary (playing Cause of Death in its entirety), Deafheaven , Exhorder , Enslaved (playing Frost in its entirety), and many, many more!
Decibel Metal & Beer
Pre-Fest: Philly 2019 Tickets
ON SALE NOW! Get a head start on the Metal & Beer Fest action with metallic hardcore crushers Integrity , grind/noise mongers Full of Hell , psychedelic black metallers Cloak and hometown Satanists Devil Master .
Choosing Death, Revised and Expanded (Paperback)
The hardcover copy may be dead and gone, but Bazillion Points has rebuilt the revised and expanded Choosing Death into a 400-page "death-luxe" edition as a larger, heavier format offering a new introduction by author Albert Mudrian, a foreword from Repulsion's Scott Carlson, new artwork and photographs and a brutal new 16-page color section featuring raw, bloody early photos of Death , Repulsion , Obituary , Deicide , Morbid Angel , Paradise Lost , At the Gates , Napalm Death , Carcass , Dismember , Nihilist and many others.
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