Dust Prophet - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday January 19 2019, 10:51 AM
Dust Prophet - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Lead singer Heather Lynn from the band Dust Prophet joins The Zach Moonshine Show for an exclusive interview. We talk about musical influences, booze, being obsessed with The Last Podcast On The Left and much much more.
This episode features brand new music from Overkill, Snipers Of Babel, Korpiklaani, Destroyers Of All and much more.

Track List:

1 - Computer God - Black Sabbath
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro: Ranting about bands that cancel shows at the last minute and the brand new track from Snipers Of Babel!
3 - A New Beginning - Snipers of Babel
4 - Head Of A Pin, Last Man Standing, Fuck You (Live) - Overkill
5 - Bullshitting On Air: Overkill, kills again! Shouts to the listeners and chatters of devastation's!
6 - Beer Beer (feat. Christopher Bowes) - Korpiklaani
7 - Too Drunk To Fuck - Hypocrisy
8 - Kill the Preacher (Bonus Track) - Destroyers Of All
9 - Dust Prophet interview featuring The Big Lie, Revolutionary Suicide
10 - Bleed Me An Ocean - Acid Bath
11 - Graves Beyond Windows - Deadboy & The Elephantmen
12 - Children Of The Damned - Pink Carnage
13 - Born Too Late (Saint Vitus) - Hellhookah
14 - Children Of The Necronomicon - Brutal Death Fuck
15 - Space Lord - Monster Magnet
16 - Night Of The Demon - The Flesh Hammers
17 - M.D.M - Necrotion
18 - Keep The Lemmys Comin' - BLOOD OF THE SUN
19 - Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe), Divine Apprehension - POWER TRIP
20 - I Turned Into a Martian, Hatebreeders, Skulls - The Misfits

Listen to the podcast below:

The end of all we know is coming and Dust Prophet will lead us through the fallout.

Check out the interview as a standalone track below:

Drawing inspiration from humanity's fragile existence, as well as genre-defining bands like Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and Clutch, Dust Prophet is poised to take the stoner rock world by storm.

Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, Dust Prophet came together in 2018 as the project of longtime friends and musical collaborators Sarah Wappler (bass) and Otto Kinzel (guitar). Soon joined by fellow scene veterans Heather Lynn (vocals) and Marc Brennan (drums), the band shifted into high gear writing music. They released their apocalyptic debut single "The Big Lie" in October 2018, putting them on the map with critics and listeners in the underground music scene.

Recorded by Kinzel at his home studio, with post-production done by Massachusetts studios Amps vs. Ohms and New Alliance East, the song was spotlighted on The Obelisk and podcasts across the country.

With their next single "Revolutionary Suicide" coming out in January 2019, Dust Prophet is on the fast track to notoriety -- if the world doesn't end first.

Look out for Dust Prophet performing across New England this year. They will also be featured on Alternative Control's upcoming compilation Volume Doom alongside Year of the Cobra, Owl Maker, Howling Giant, Kurokuma, 1476, and many more.

Dust Prophet has been featured in:
*The Obelisk
*Alternative Control
*Fuzz Heavy
*Doomed & Stoned
*The Ripple Effect
*Rock & Roll Fables
*No Clean Singing
*Arte Metal
*Pete's Rock News
*Stoner Rock (Hungary)
*Boston Rock Radio

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