Ungraved Apparition - PULSE 0 by GrimmDistribution Wednesday April 5 2017, 7:34 PM
Ungraved Apparition - PULSE 0 by GrimmDistribution

Ungraved Apparition is a dark metal unit from Ekaterinburg, Russia. It was founded in late 2014 by three members of Micky Babossa (guitar), Paul Kas (drums), and Leon Kratt (bass guitar). In the process of creating the material, the musicians felt the need for a powerful and heavier sound, thus in August 2015 Bones Taker joined them as the second guitar, mainly for playing the solos. Accompanying him was Damned for the role of the vocalist.

By the beginning of 2016, having formed a concert program and having removed the clip "Гнилостные бактерии", Ungraved Apparition conducted a series of concerts in the cities of Russia. Since 2016, the musicians entered the studio to record a studio album. The main idea behind the album was the merging of two worlds: the world of depression and despair from incurable diseases, the sadism of bloody surgery experiments; And the afterlife, inhabited by the suffering souls of the dead people, the chilling horror of which is squeezed by convulsive cries in the throat.

Utilizing crushing heavy riffs interlaced with more melodic sections to create an environment of decay, spearheaded by a ghastly vocal attack, the band achieve their goal with aggression as well as atmosphere. PULSE_0 is a single concept of how musicians see the inner world of a person and his desperate struggle for every minute of life.

Formed in over two decades ago in Athens, DISHARMONY is A metal band from Athens which loves to combine various music influences – ranging from heavy, doom and progressive. After three demo releases, the band released its debut full length titled "SHADES OF INSANITY" (2014, via Noisehead Records) which has gained very positive reviews from all over the world, and at the same the band opened for legendary bands like SANCTUARY and ARCH ENEMY in Greece and Cyprus, and played in a lot of festivals/gigs. Right now, the band is releasing its second CD, titled "THE ABYSS NOIR” and getting ready to promote it by performing live as much as possible, while, on the other hand, is already working on the successor of "THE ABYSS NOIR".

A canvas of emotions, art, power, rawness and melodies could be a small synopsis of what "THE ABYSS NOIR" is all about. Classic Heavy/Doom inspiration of the band advanced perfectly into the modern pathway with the amalgamation of Progressive metal and small-scale usage of Groove Metal. Profound clean vocal deliveries dominate the entire record along with the captivating progression of the guitar sound. It also contains a newly mixed cover of Metallica's "Disposable Heroes" as a bonus track, which was also part of the Metal Hammer (Magazine) tribute CD to the 30th anniversary of "Master of Puppets" album. Matthew Dakoutros (violin) of the Athenian Progsters Art of Simplicity has got a (wonderful) guest appearance at the ending track, "A Song For A Friend".

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