Dark Ambient Act LOUSBERG Announces THE DEATH OF HUMANITY Tuesday December 18 2018, 8:23 PM

Dunkelheit Productions is proud to present the new, epic 25-minute release from Lousberg, "The Death Of Humanity;" a dark ambient masterpiece.

For fans of: Raison d'etre, Klaus Schulze & Brian Eno

"The Death Of Humanity" will be available in CD edition on 1.1.2019 and vinyl edition mid-February.

Digital edition is available NOW at: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/.

With “The Death Of Humanity,” Lousberg achieves what most composers fail to do so in a lifetime, much less a career. Transcending styles of dark ambient and dungeon synth, Lousberg is responsible for the merger of worlds; both specific and abstract. Intensely contemplative, “The Death Of Humanity” offers itself as an existential soundtrack.

Lousberg guides a select few textures through landscapes both subterranean and otherworldly, somehow molding them as one in a 25 minute epic composition. Essentially, “The Death Of Humanity” exists somewhere between heaven and earth; between the universe and darkest corner of a remote location of the listener’s room. Warm, low tones merged with high, cold planes. Through cavernous landscapes and perpetual colonnades. Through timeless loneliness and endless emotional collapse, what Lousberg creates is both intensely human and otherworldly.

Lousberg gives soundtrack to previously unchartered parts of the soul. Is this this “The Death Of Humanity” or an “imitation of life?”

Founded in the year 2007 as a brain child of JanuZ (aka BinZynisch fka Lupan), Lousberg was born with the ambition was to create a project which is free from the word "genre."

2013 was the year of the first official release! It was a Split CD with Austrians "Uruk Hai", and consisted of a mixture between nature inspired Ambient with folk influences peppered in. A Tape with the name "Lurid Dreams Of A Forgotten", released under the own small label, followed a short while after. This and the following release "The Fog Beneath My Feet" under the well-known label "Dunkelheit Productions" aimed for the Dark Ambience domain, the latter one with significant ritualistic influences.

Lousberg will never follow any course which can easily be predetermined by anyone! Lousberg is - like live and the death - unforeseeable! Lousberg isn't a courtesy. Lousberg is just an emotion!

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