Finnish metal act Blood Region is releasing their debut full length album Tales of the Backwoods on December 18th 2018. Thursday December 13 2018, 8:33 PM
Finnish metal act Blood Region is releasing their debut full length album Tales of the Backwoods on December 18th 2018.

Band members background the release with their own words:

Mika (Guitar):

Tales of the Backwoods has been a great process, it is an album who we, Blood Region, really is musically and mentally. It’s been great to be part of this team who share same visions. Every song in this album takes it’s own place and gives the best of our music style – “korpi” Metal. Every single song gives different genres of the elements, melody, atmosphere and so on. There is also a good scale with the lyrics – thinking, stories and life.

It’s been a great honor to have talented visitors and great persons to this album; Ari from Clandestine, Petri Sysimäki as a composer for three songs, Sami from Rough Grind, Samuli, Tomppa and Viljami from Profane Omen, Hannu from Noumena, Ripa Pääkkönen, Juha from Fearrage and all the other members from our have been part of our Blood Region team.

Last but not least, it’s been hossom to make this new album with Sami, Lassi and Ira. These people really has the talent that you can hear from our new album.
A magical debyt album that will give a lot to our listeners. May the Northern white fire be with you – Rock`n’roll!

Killi (Drums):

Hossom feeling at the moment. As a drummer I had a great opportunity to give my own opinion and vision for this new record. Mika and I discussed about the new record and we got this idea to bring a woman vocalist to our group. After a little searching we found Ira Green. We contacted her and she was immediately in. After finding Ira we took a phone call to Lassi who promised us to be our producer for this record. Lassi does the mixing for the record and he will be part of the band as a musician as well. For somehow every tiny little peace just took a place with this new album.


Working as a producer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, saxophonist and mixer for these great guys has been such a wild ride and so much fun! I've had free hands to use my artistic vision as well as any other band members and I think that's the most important thing about Blood Region. Especially when bringing some 15 years old demosongs to the daylight and seeing them grow to their full potential with the guys from the same old backwoods is something unforgettable. Everyone is always so excited when waiting someone to bring their parts to the table as we've had no idea how the final product is going to sound. But in some magical way it all sounds more than the sum of the parts!

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