SONGS FROM THE BLACK SPIRIT: "I Am Who I Am" - Reviewed by Rocka Rolla! Tuesday July 26 2022, 5:05 PM
SONGS FROM THE BLACK SPIRIT: "I Am Who I Am" - Reviewed by Rocka Rolla!

SONGS FROM THE BLACK SPIRIT: "I Am Who I Am" - Reviewed by Rocka Rolla ! Check it out here at this link:

Songs From The Black Spirit is the solo project of singer Vitalis 'Don Vito' Kairiūkštis (leader of Lithuanian heavy metal group Spicy Bits Of Scandal) who has surrounded himself with a quarantine of guest musicians to shape an ambitious double album eloquently titled "I Am Who I Am". In this adventure that began to take shape in 2016, "Don Vito" gives free rein to his creativity without restrictions, gathering 19 songs (of which 4 are re-recordings of songs of his mother band) difficult to pigeonhole under a single label: the combination of diverse sonorities is clearly evident, being able to find (beyond the logical influence of traditional metal) melodic and progressive elements, echoes of hard rock, blusera brushstrokes and folkloric peculiarities with the incorporation of traditional instruments.
The first cedé opens with Saecula Obscura, a disturbing and brief intro, which links with the riffage of Love Is Blind, a composition in which a female voice participates giving the replica to Kairiūkštis in a chorus of beautiful melodic progression. Avalon begins with a Celtic harmony and a powermetalero rhythm, and Vitalis' record is reminiscent of kai Hansen's (Helloween, Gamma Ray). Memories incorporates the sound of hammond, Time gives us a change of pace of desolate harmony and The Wolfman has a pulsating cadence and a main verse full of emotion.
My Devotion and Fire And Water are two balladistic cuts: the first has an enveloping organ sound and a nice guitar plucking, and the second features the participation of a fabulous guest voice in the heartbreaking chorus. Attack!!! it begins with military choruses, unfolds a guitar motif reminiscent of Blind Guardian and exhibits an epic combination of clean and guttural vocals, while Only Ashes has a deep bluesy essence.
The second compact opens with My Way Home, a theme of seductive intonation, which is followed by Please Come Back with an effective melodic change and World Is Turning, an original track thanks to the alliteration of the first words of the verses that lead to a catchy chorus. Naked In The Rain has fantastic rhythm guitars supporting the main stanza, Paranoia a choppy cadence and Whore Of Babylon a melody of oriental airs and keyboards that refer us to Kamelot.
Chasing Starlight is a new ballad of sweet development, My Life My Death My Destiny is another of the brilliant pieces of the album, with a thick riff and keyboards that give it an air typical of the most genuine American hard rock, and Queen Of The Lies is the culmination dominated from top to bottom by atmospheric keyboards.
In general, "I Am Who I Am" has a good production and the material is pleasing to the ears, but despite containing good songs, its general pulse is too linear and, with very few exceptions, it is difficult to find songs that awaken our enthusiasm. Saved this setback, surely fans of Spicy Bits Of Scandal will know how to enjoy the personal facet that their singer stamps in Songs From The Black Spirit. - Rocka Rolla

The history of Songs From Black Spirit started in 2016. Crazy metal-head, Vitalis ‘Don Vito’ Kairiūkštis, the musician from Vilnius, Lithuania and Spicy Bits Of Scandal front-man, decided to create his first solo album called I Am Who I Am. And things worked out very well working with his friends, many world-known musicians from around the world. The new double CD album is compiled of 19 songs (15 brand new) and as always will be a surprise for listeners and fans alike. Also included are four new, updated versions of older songs by the artist.

The tracks themselves are an atomic cocktail of black and white, love and hate, good and evil. And all this is enhanced by the magic of music. In addition to traditional rock music, the album also features specific folk instruments with modern sound.

I Am Who I Am | Released May 26th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

For fans of Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Deep Purple



Produced by Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis and Giedrius “Jumbo” Balčiūnas
All lyrics and 100% ideas of music by Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis

Songs From Black Spirit is:
Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis – All Lead and Backing Vocals
Plus numerous guests – Other Instruments

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