New Music Video 'Supernova' by Italy's Melodic Death Metal MANAM Thursday December 13 2018, 8:05 PM
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New Music Video 'Supernova' by Italy's Melodic Death Metal MANAM

Formed in late 2017 by mastermind Marco Salvador, Manam creates a unique style that spaces on all the horizons of melodic death metal, changing from song to song and touching different genres, but always strictly bound to its main concept. Inspired by bands such as Wintersun, Opeth and Trivium, they create an immersive experience complete with custom stage clothes and decorations to go along with their mixing of extreme guitar melodies, power metal riffs, acoustic guitars, and powerful vocals (both clean and rough) supported by blasting and eclectic drums.

Their 9 song debut album "Rebirth of Consciousness" promises intricate melodies, a deep meaning and great story through the lyrics. Focusing on being dynamic and including the audience, they are eager to bring their spiritual approach to life, depicted through melecoholic and atmospheric music to new fans around the world.

Salvador explains:

“We want to only make concept albums so that the listener can immerse themselves into a journey, embraced by the atmosphere of the music, but still able to make her/his own experience, bringing with them the unique meaning she/he will find in our music. With our future albums, we're also planning to expand this experience with visual art, some movies, and for the third album, we hope there will be a book too, to expand on our visions.”


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