Swiss Ambient-Cinematographical-Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore Collective Killbody Tuning released and streamed new album 'Pictorial' Wednesday November 21 2018, 3:51 PM
Swiss Ambient-Cinematographical-Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore Collective Killbody Tuning released and streamed new album 'Pictorial'

Come "hear" and look the whole... 'pictorial'.

As announced a few weeks ago, Swiss cinematic post-rock/ambient post-hardcore collective Killbody Tuning just officially released its third album called 'Pictorial', available right now for CD, LP & Digital editions through Hummus Records (Coilguns, Emilie Zoé, H E X, Ølten...).

In addition to the official release-news, the band also shared the whole effort for FREE STREAMING on Bandcamp .

"This album only makes sense if it is listened to as a whole. We wanted the listener to feel a form of frustration by listening to only one title, far away from the formats imposed by the digital world an social medias.

We're entering an era where the concept of album does not exist anymore, where listening to a title in its entirety becomes almost an exception. We wanted this project to be at the antithesis of what music is in a digital century, a form of content that is perfectly adapted to our technological dependence rather than a thousand-year-old form of artistic expression.

We hope that the listener can also follow the path of Max, the character of the movie PI. This album is the culmination of a cycle for the band. Just like Max, Killbody Tuning has also locked up for many months in search of a secret code.

This album is a first materialization of this secret code.." (KBT)

Stream the full album on Bandcamp / Get your CD/LP/Digital copy on the Hummus Records webstore
...For the record...

Emotional, contemplative and epic, the music of Killbody Tuning is a world of instrumental soundscapes shaped by ambient, rock and post-rock.  

Since taking off in 2005, the band has always tried to depart from the conventional forms of rock. After their warmly received debut EP, 'The French Hunter' (2008), Killbody Tuning have delved into different artistic projects.

In 2009, the band arranged several songs by for the play Clinique de la Raison Close, and one year after this first successful experience, KBT wrote the score for “Dernière Chasse”, a short film directed by the young Swiss filmmaker Julien Humbert-Droz. In order to develop this new project in an innovative way, the band composed new instrumental pieces out of the movie soundtrack. This creative process gave birth to Killbody Tuning’s new album, '47°0'40.00"N/6°42'20.00"E', which received positive and enthusiastic reviews throughout Europe.

After touring Switzerland and France in 2011 and 2012, Killbody Tuning spent a whole year writing and rearranging new pieces under the careful guidance of Julien Fehlmann (The Ocean, Coilguns, …). Recorded live and released on Hummus Records (Coilguns, The Fawn,  Louis  Jucker,  Red  Kunz, …) 'Hello! Welcome, so far…' (2014).

The, after almost two years touring in Switzerland and France, Killbody Tuning wrote a totally new score for Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece π; played live at 2300 Plan 9 festival. An hour and a half of organic and instinctive music, which could not be abandoned in this mathematical maze. Killbody Tuning kept its essence and recorded 'Pictorial', a raw album made out of hypnotic riffs, dark chaos and bright melancholy.

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