Day Of The Death Rock Podcast Of Doom Featuring An Interview With Day Of Doom! Sunday November 18 2018, 11:25 AM
Day Of The Death Rock Podcast Of Doom Featuring An Interview With Day Of Doom!

Rich Hervey from Day Of Doom joins us for a Q&A with fans and listeners. This episode features new music from Day Of Doom, Goblinsmoker, Deceased, Voodus, Bloodbath, Oddko, Metal Church, BillyBio, Aenimus, and Snipers Of Babel!

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Track list

1 TOAD KING - Goblinsmoker
2 The Zach Moonshine Show Intro: The good and the bad, Deceased Drummer Dave Castillo RIP Tribute!
3 To Serve the Insane, Thoughts of a Leaking Brain - DECEASED
4 Bury the Hatchet - OCTOBER 31
5 Zach Moonshine Bullshitting On Air: Talking about how bad ass the new Deceased album is and whats coming next from Sweden with Voodus!
6 The Awakening and the Ascension, The Golden, Dreams From An Ancient Mind Pt I - VOODUS (swe)
7 Zach Moonshine Bullshitting On Air: Butchering the the band name and shout out to the battle of the bands winners Inhuman Atrocities!
8 Mother Putridity, Misscariage (the black dahlia murder cover) - Inhuman Atrocities
9 Angel Of Death - Slayer
11 The End of Your World - Ol Sonuf
12 M.D.M - Necrotion
13 Slave To The Cross, The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Deicide
14 Chapel Of Ghouls, God Of Emptiness - Morbid Angel
15 Reign Forever World - Vader
16 The Philosopher - Death
17 Zach Moonshine Bullshitting On Air: Shout outs to the requests!
18 Only The Dead Survive - Bloodbath
19 Disobey - ODDKO
20 Zach Moonshine Bullshitting On Air: More shout outs to the requests and submissions, listeners and chatters!
21 By The Numbers - Metal Church
22 Freedom's Never Free - BILLYBIO
23 Punishment - BIOHAZARD
24 Davidian - Machine Head
25 Before the Eons - Aenimus
26 Scourge - Snipers Of Babel
27 At Dawn They Sleep, What Do You Do For Money Honey, Sick In The Head - Six Feet Under
28 Zach Moonshine Bullshitting On Air: Chris Barnes rules and lots of trolls hate him and we can't figure it out!
29 No Reason - Crawling Back
30 Black Sabbath- Heaven And Hell, Sign Of The Southern Cross - Live


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