Was "All That Remains" Guitarist Oli Herbert killed? Wednesday November 14 2018, 4:53 AM
 Was "All That Remains" Guitarist Oli Herbert killed?

Any idea if this is legit? Who is "The Washington Pundit" anyway? Looks like a juicy story is developing about Oli from "All That Remains" and his death last month. Take a look at this post below, from the Washington Pundit FB Page!

"Oli Herbert’s Death is being looked into as possible murder after being ruled an accident. His wife is suspected of playing a role in his death.

‪Oli Herbert’s Will was changed one week before he went missing. His wife, Beth, and her friend are suspected to have forged his will. "


They also stated the following:

"For those who are questioning our sources and who we are, know we can’t say much at this time other than we are in close contact with Oli’s close friends and our CEO, Michael Stewart, is a former member of the metal band ‘Motograter’ who’s former vocalist now fronts Five Finger Death Punch. A band very close to Oli. We aren’t outsiders. We know things the public doesn’t know. Our focus is to assure those who care about Oli that everything is being handled and Justice Will be Served."


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