One Man Metal Ripper THANATOS Unleashes New Track "Prelude To A Heretic" Saturday November 10 2018, 5:28 PM
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One Man Metal Ripper THANATOS Unleashes New Track "Prelude To A Heretic"

Focusing on creating an inspiring, yet unsettling experience for the listener, Thanatos, brings brutal and technical groove to your ears. Created by Ian Waye, Thanatos is a one man project, coalesced as a method of metaphorical storytelling and a means to culminate the riffs, melodies and licks crafted through years of composition, some ideas dating back to 2012.

Unleashing his latest single ‘Prelude To The Heretic’, the track is just the tip of the iceberg as the third song off the planned self-titled EP set for release during this coming November 2018.

For fans of Necrophagist, Beyond Creation and Psycroptic, ‘Prelude To The Heretic’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Waye plus also features a guest guitar solo by Chris Feener (Burnt Hill, Qyn, ex-Threat Signal).

Waye expands on how he wants his listeners to react:

“It should floor them. The aim of Thanatos is to instill deep desire to development oneself and master your arts. The lyrics speak to this and the instrumentation of cultivated with meticulous care.The music represents an apotheosis, achieved through commitment to being the best musician possible and the lyrics embody this.”



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