Getting Into Trouble With Trouble On This Doom Hazed Podcast! Saturday November 10 2018, 12:37 PM
Getting Into Trouble With Trouble On This Doom Hazed Podcast!

Rob Hultz from the band Trouble joins us for a Q&A with fans and listeners. We talk about the band, his history as a musician, Tony Iommi on a toilet reading a newspaper, and other crazy stories, plus he answers some pretty funny questions from the fans listening to the show in the chat room.

We play some songs off the last Trouble album as well as a hand full of doom tinged tracks as well as requests and band submissions as usual!

Here is the track list below:

1 Abyss Within My Soul - Triptykon
2 The Zach Moonshine Show Intro, talking about the week, Iron Maiden big tour announcement, Shout Out to the world tuned in and talking about what i think about the new Wasted Theory album!
3 Rawhide Hellride, Drug Buzzard, Bongronaut - Wasted Theory
4 The Big Lie - Dust Prophet
5 Zach Moonshine Talking on Air - Battle of the Bands winner Inhuman Atrocities - 10 thousand fucking votes!
6 I am a Virus, Fed to the Animals, Benthic Depths - Inhuman Atrocities
7 Volt Thrower - Conan
8 Trouble Interview featuring When the Sky Comes Down, Paranoid Conspiracy, The Broken Has Spoken
9 Zach Moonshine Talking On Air - Band submissions, who is listening and standing in line and how to get bumped up to the front!
10 The Fires of Walpurgisnacht - Ol Sonuf
11 Howls Of Iniquity - Necrotion
12 Everything Sucks - The Flesh Hammers
13 Space Man - Motherslug
14 Zach Moonshine Talking On Air - Talking about meeting metal heads in the work place and how strange but cool it is. And talking about how cool it is that Gravehuffer is now on Noslip Records!
15 Kill For Sport, Death Caprice - Gravehuffer
16 Metal To The Bone - Thy Antichrist
17 Blackened (Remastered) - Metallica
18 Zach Moonshine Talking On Air - Reviewing the remastered tracks from the box set of And Justice For All (Jason)
19 Harvester of Sorrow (Work In Progress Rough Mix), Am I Evil?, Whiplash (Live / Seattle '89) - Metallica
20 Crippled Wizard - Cough
21 Fulfill The Curse - Hooded Menace
22 Wretched Banquet - Temple Of Void
23 Zach Moonshine talking about Temple Of Voids heaviness, and shout out to Noslip Records.
24 Born Too Late (Saint Vitus) - Hellhookah
25 Solitude - Candlemass
26 Slowly We Rot - Obituary

Listen to the interview alone below!

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