A void into the fields of silence / La nature oubliée by Spirit of the Forest Saturday March 25 2017, 6:02 PM
A void into the fields of silence / La nature oubliée by Spirit of the Forest

It's getting to the point where everyone expects an album from a Quebec, Canadian Extreme Metal band to be of the utmost quality and SPIRIT OF THE FOREST "A Void into the Fields of Silence" is yet another outstanding release from the Canadian Metal Capital of Quebec. SPIRIT OF THE FOREST eschew an icy and atmospheric modus operandi, and it is no exaggeration to say that "A Void into the Fields of Silence" borrows with the utmost respect from the likes of EMPEROR and DISSECTION, and mixing with it his own quality brand of semi-epic, ferociously ripping, and darkly melodic Black Metal madness. While routinely catchy, the riffs have enough muscle to steer the band away from the awful fate of coming off as a bunch of lightweights. Despite prominent traces of melody oozing into almost all of the riffs, this is still clearly Black Metal at its core. Available on limited CD and Digital formats.

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