HEXECUTOR to have classic debut EP reissued on 12" vinyl by DYING VICTIMS Thursday November 1 2018, 7:35 PM
HEXECUTOR to have classic debut EP reissued on 12" vinyl by DYING VICTIMS

Today, Dying Victims Productions sets December 23rd as the international release date for a special 12" vinyl pressing of Hexecutor's classic debut EP, Hangmen of Roazhon.

Originally released in 2014, Hangmen of Roazhon followed Hexecutor'S debut demo just two years previous, but largely introduced these young French maniacs to the worldwide underground. And what an introduction it was: like some relic from 1985 unfrozen in the present, here was absolutely RIPPING thrash metal of a most evil aspect, executed (literally!) with malicious intent and dead set on infernal overkill! No progression, no modernity - Hangmen of Roazhon is simply and 100% classic thrash madness bursting with passion and authenticity, as well as SONGS! Indeed, Hexecutor have a firm grasp of songwriting, and no matter how breathless and blustery the EP gets, above all, there's a true method to that madness. And there's just no denying all those utterly crazed solos...

Sick and tired of trying to track down the original Hangmen of Roazhon 7", only to pay an arm and a leg? Get it finally (or again) on 12" vinyl format, now with remastered sound, and await your fate at the hands of Hexecutor!



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