Katana Cartel - The Sacred Oath - Reviewed By All Around Metal! Saturday June 12 2021, 1:37 PM
Katana Cartel - The Sacred Oath - Reviewed By All Around Metal!

Katana Cartel - The Sacred Oath - Reviewed By All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.allaroundmetal.com/component/content/article/26-releases/8344-katana-cartel-l-importanza-di-uno-splendido-artwork

Attracted by the wonderful artwork (how important is a valid "business card"!), I listened to this "The sacred oath", debut album by the Australians Katana Cartel, released in late February 2021; most likely the record, had it not been for the captivating cover, would have ended up in oblivious in the midst of the myriad review proposals that come to our webzine and it would have been a real shame! yes, because the melbourne boys' first full-lenght is really enjoyable, with its fresh, catchy power metal, slightly tainted by the good old speed typical of the 80s. The album consists of 10 tracks for just over 3/4 hours of convincing music, thanks to excellent work by drummer John "JD" Price that dictates an always sparkling rhythm, as well as the two guitars of Rob "Rockit" Georgievski and soloist Dylan "Dylzy" Reeves. A little too relegated to the background the bass of Matt "Matty" Ientile (but, being a self-production, you can not expect the moon in the well), not bad the singing performance of Steven "Fluffy" Falkingham; there is much worse around than this vocalist, but even better, fortunately Steven knows how to be expressive and aggressive when needed and, at the end of the day, as said he does not mind (if not when he exaggerates with growling in "Bang your head"). There are several songs guessed in this record but, above all, the final splendid suite "Judge Shredd" stands out like a rough diamond, in which we finally also feel the value of the bassist in a thrilling solo, in addition to the usual excellent cues of Reeves' solo guitar. Among others, I point out the rhythms "Air raid" and "The battle", followed by the other very pleasant "Fragile denial" and "Grenade", which is a bit reminiscent of enforcers; it is, however, as mentioned, the whole album that convinces, despite some half a misstep in the banal "Night town" (especially in the choirs). Katana Cartel has been active for about 10 years and until now they had only released a few singles and an EP; they cross the finish line of the debut album with this "The sacred oath" which is an interesting first feature; I hope for them that some underground-minded label will notice the undoubted qualities of this group, so as to help make it known around. Half an point more for the gorgeous cover! - All Around Metal

Katana Cartel are a Heavy Metal band Hailing from Melbourne, Australia. They are a band who like to rock out, Have fun and aren’t afraid to show it. Their riff-driven, catchy, foot-tapping tunes will have you banging your head in no time!

Katana Cartel offers a nice blend of Traditional Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Modern Metal & Hard Rock! FFO: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth

Here’s some brief History on the band. They were Founded in 2012 by guitarists Rob Georgievski &(Former  Members Aidan Le Gassick & Lyle Jenkins) they planted the seed to start Katana Cartel. Due to line-up Changes (Drummer John Price Joined around this Period) there was a delay in Playing Live/Music releases, but things changed & the band started to shape itself in 2014 &  the band was finally formed/Ready in 2015. Since 2015 they have only released an EP ‘War Part 1’ which has been received well everywhere. In 2016/2017 After numerous Bass Player changes, the band enlisted Matt Ambrose to join.  In 2018, the Band began work on the 1st Full Length Album, In 2018 long-time Guitarist/Founding Member Aidan & Katana Cartel Parted ways, which opened the door to a new Guitarist in Dylan Reever. The New Album  is set to be released in 2020, with another Australian Tour & a Possible Overseas Tour as well.

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Katana Cartel are: 
Steven Falkingham - Lead Vocals 
Robert Georgievski - Guitar 
Matt Ientile - Bass 
Dylan Reever - Guitar 
John Price - Drums 

Management and Bookings: 
Email: katanacartel@live.com 
Phone: +61 413 718 999 (Robert Georgievski) 
Phone: +61 412 223 497 (Steven Falkingham)


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