RISING: New Noise Magazine Premieres "White Heat" By Epic Metal Outfit; Sword And Scythe LP Out Tomorrow Through Indisciplinarian Thursday October 25 2018, 12:24 PM
RISING: New Noise Magazine Premieres "White Heat" By Epic Metal Outfit; Sword And Scythe LP Out Tomorrow Through Indisciplinarian

[photo by Naya Buch]
As Danish epic metal troupe RISING prepares to unleash their fourth album, Sword And Scythe , through Indisciplinarian tomorrow. On the eve of its official unveiling, the fiery track "White Heat" has been premiered through New Noise Magazine.
"White Heat" is a furious, fast, yet still rhythmically and melodically nuanced song, with its odd time signatures, swaying melody lines, and theatrical choir undertaken by guest singers Simon Stenbæk (Piss Vortex, Redwolves) and Lill Rastad Bjørst. The song is a thematical centerpiece in the Sword And Scythe LP''s concept of a rising post-apocalyptic human civilization.
RISING vocalist/lyricist Morten Grønnegaard explains, "'White Heat' tells the story of a distant future where the fossil fuels that once forged our industrial society, are nothing but an ancient memory. Humanity struggles to find a new power source that can generate the white heat demanded to reindustrialize the world. A fast, aggressive yet melodic song with odd time signatures describing man's striving towards both survival and dominance, and all it implies, good and bad."
Listen to RISING's "White Heat" at New Noise Magazine RIGHT HERE .
Over the past several weeks, RISING has released two prior singles and accompanying videos in the shape of the symphonic "Salted Earth" - which features mellotron by renowned Danish rock musician Tim Christensen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Tim Christensen) - playing HERE , and latest the banger, "Hunger And Exile," playing HERE .
RISING takes an ambitious leap with Sword And Scythe , a concept album on the history of mankind seen from the perspective of cosmic circularity, where the full potential of the band's musical vision unfolds in a collection of songs of both progressive outlook, melodic mastery and fierce aggression. Sword And Scythe consists of ten songs and two short instrumentals produced by Jacob Bredahl and RISING , while the album's artwork are once again created by singer Morten Grønnegaard. The album features guest musicians Anders Hjort Straarup on trombone, renowned Danish rock musician Tim Christensen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Tim Christensen) on mellotron, and backup vocals from Simon Stenbæk of labelmates Piss Vortex.
Sword And Scythe will be released on October 26th on black virgin vinyl 12" LP with a beautifully illustrated gatefold cover, as well as all digital formats via Indisciplinarian. Find US vinyl preorders at Earsplit Distro HERE and international preorders at the label webshop HERE .
To celebrate the release, RISING is booking shows across Denmark and elsewhere on European soil, including a free release show at Refshaleøen, Copenhagen on Saturday October 27th. RISING is also preparing for a German co-headlining tour with Earthship and a performance at the esteemed Aalborg Metal Festival in their native Denmark. Winter and spring dates will be announced over the coming weeks.
RISING Live 2018:
10/27/2018 Refshaleøen - Copenhagen, DK *free record release show [ info ]
11/02/2018 Aalborg Metal Festival - Aalborg, DK
11/13/2018 Fundbureau - Hamburg, DE w/ Earth Ship
11/14/2018 Bastard Club - Osnabrück, DE w/ Earth Ship
11/15/2018 Sonic Ballroom - Köln, DE w/ Earth Ship
11/16/2018 Loco - Dresden, DE w/ Earth Ship
11/17/2018 Cassiopeia - Berlin, DE w/ Earth Ship, Grim van Doom, Blacksmoker, Praise The Plague
11/24/2018 Kongebryg - Næstved, DK w/ Alkymist
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