New Promo: Gorr - Tolv I Talet - (Blackened Death Metal) Sunday October 31 2021, 12:03 PM
New Promo: Gorr - Tolv I Talet - (Blackened Death Metal)

Release Date: December 1, 2021

FFO: Watain, Kampfar, Emperor, Vreid 

Black metal from the north west coast of Norway! Gorr was founded in the late dark months of 2019 by Skuggimaðr after he heard the old story about the local king named Gorr. The story about him and the locations for it suited perfectly as inspiration for a black metal project that was still a “wanted child” but not yet born. The location is where Skuggimaðr lives and is an island on the north west coast of Norway called Gossen, and this heavily inspires both the music and the lyrics. After the first EP Hateful Wind joined Gorr and Gorr has since then been a two headed act. After two black metal albums, Gorr wanted to play around a bit more with styles and incorporate elements from death metal and doom into the music. This time they even got some help from lyrics writer Synnøve Holdhus, who also is Skuggimaðrs wife. This ended up in a small album with themes and feelings ranging from old Norse mythology into local stories with big losses and struggles from Gossen and the harsh nature surrounding it. 

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