Out This Friday, October 26th - Album Promo - INTO ETERNITY - "The Sirens" Tuesday October 23 2018, 8:12 PM
Out This Friday, October 26th - Album Promo - INTO ETERNITY - "The Sirens"

"The Sirens is an album that deserves your attention as it borders so many different genres but holds it all together nicely. Fast and exciting but delectably evil sounding when going for a harder edge." - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"They have discovered that fine line between melodic metal and out and out brutality and speed, and have then trampled all over it. This is incredibly clever and solid metal that has much in homage to the death and thrash scene as it does to the prog, and then somehow mixes it all together to create something that fans of all three genres will do well to discover." - Metal Music Archives

"Amanda is a real find, the perfect conduit for the style of music they are performing, which is a mix between Arch Enemy, Death, Opeth and King's X. It is deep, it is pummelling, it has hints of Judas Priest yet somehow stays more melodic while losing none of the brutality. Some of the guitar solos, such as on the killer song "Sandstorm", are breathtakingly quick and somehow the band manages to groove and move while at the same time rocking like absolute and total bastards." - Prog Archives

"Into Eternity utilize a vast of number of different genres to immerse the listener in a trance-like experience. There is a little bit of something for every metal fan in this album. Whether you’re a fan of classic, thrash, power, death, black, or melodic, Into Eternity manages to capture those distinctive qualities from each genre and compose something that no other band has done...Into Eternity has always delivered an immersive experience and The Sirens is no exception. With the brutality of Arch Enemy and the vocal capabilities of Unleash the Archers, Kieman is a two in one combo that will push this band into the next chapter of their career. The ability to clash each of those genres together and get a smooth product is not an easy feat, but Into Eternity easily mark their spot in the metal community and continue building their success across the globe. " - Rekt Chords Magazine

"The Canadians are known for their excellent mix of death, progressive and power metal and lots of tempo changes. On The Sirens this isn’t any different. Sure you have to get used to the new vocals, but Amanda shows that she can grunt, growl and sing clean for the best. New drummer Bryan sounds very tight and the songwriting of the band is still of old. There is probably not a band that can be so extreme and then can change into serene and melodic so naturally. " Power of Metal

"The Sirens is an enjoyable album and a promising return. The standout tracks are ‘Fringes of Psychosis’, ’Nowhere Near’, and ‘Fukushima’...any melodic death metal fan, this album will be sure to please, and for any fan of Into Eternity, this album is worth being excited for." - Metal Utopia

"‘The Sirens’ is an enjoyable album – particularly as the listener delves deeper into it to reach such highlights as This Frozen Hell and Devoured by Sarcopenia. " - Overdrive Music Mag

"The Sirens” is a welcome addition to the Into Eternity discography " - WDCE 90.1 FM (Richmond, VA)

"We are glad that Into Eternity is back!" - Lords of Metal

"The loss of singer Stu Block, now ICED EARTH, ushered in the apparent demise of yet another iconic combo. But the arrival of exceptional singer Amanda Keirnan (THE ORDER OF CHAOS) for their first joint concerts in 2013 made the bells beat at the beginning of a new era. Five years later, the hearts of the fans are allowed to beat at the highest frequency, because finally the longed for comeback album has arrived. And, The Sirens' fulfills all the hopes set in this return. The old-school Death and Thrash Metal is overwhelmed by a whirlwind of shredding and progging guitars, full of classic melodies, that multiplies the moment of happiness, if on top of that the vocal performances of this extraordinary singer may be listened to. " - Streetclip

“Into Eternity has been a staple of Saskatchewan’s heavy metal scene for 21 years. The group has had several lineup changes over that time, but the music has always been thrilling, pushing the limits of the local scene with their highly technical style and international success.” – Regina Leader Post

“This is one special band that has worked hard for its success.” – Blabbermouth

“One of the brightest stars on the progressive extreme metal landscape.” – Sea of Tranquility

“I praise lots of bands and albums, many of which probably more so than they truly deserve – what can I say? I tend to be an overly enthusiastic metal head. Though if there is one band that deserves every ounce of praise I heap upon them album after album, it’s Regina, Canada’s Into Eternity.” – Teeth of The Divine

“a vicious slice of the extreme progressive style…Roth’s technical brilliance shines above all else, as the twisting harmonies whirl around the listener’s head atop the blistering percussion.” – Exclaim! (Review The Incurable Tragedy 2008)

“Into Eternity’s The Incurable Tragedy, an album that manages to be so credibly metal, yet so vastly accessible, that there’s something for everyone. ” – Metal Sucks (Review The Incurable Tragedy 2008)

“Into Eternity has managed to succeed on every level with THE INCURABLE TRAGEDY. They have provided a conceptual piece in which the individual songs stand on their own, and also work together to create a greater whole. The band has toured with many of the masters, and has clearly benefited from this. The result is the band’s most mature and concise sounding record to date. They have produced an album that will be sure to please die hard devotees to many of the different genres of metal.” – Metal Rules (Review The Incurable Tragedy 2008)

“Canada’s finest have turned quality up just another notch. With their fifth studio release to date, Into Eternity deviate only slightly from sound and feel of the last two masterpieces, with which they have found their way into the hearts of Metal fans all over the world.” Metal Express Radio (Review The Incurable Tragedy 2008)

“Imagine late Death crossed with Dream Theater and Painkiller-era Judas Priest, and you have Into Eternity.” – Metal Injection (Review The Scattering of Ashes 2006)
“Where the band shine the most is in lead guitarist Tim Roth’s great mix of melody with wrist-ravaging technical guitar lines.” – Exclaim! (Review The Scattering of Ashes 2006)

“Catchy choruses, alternative sounding guitar riffs, Melodeath guitar solos and fast-paced drumming encapsulated into extreme progressive songwriting” Metal Storm – (Review The Scattering of Ashes 2006)

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