Fireproven is a progressive melodic death metal band with flavors of game music and incidental music. Tuesday October 23 2018, 12:56 AM
Fireproven is a progressive melodic death metal band with flavors of game music and incidental music.

Fireproven is a progressive metal band from Finland. The band is known for the energetic live performance and hard-working attitude.

Fireproven released their first album Future Diary 23.3.2018 and they have also published two singles before the album release. Singles Shine and The Tower has both raised lots of interest in media and also among the listeners. International Underground Music Video Contest rewarded music video Shine for the best director of photography.

The band's previous release Omnipresence got full scores in many reviews including Inferno, the biggest metal magazine in Finland. Music video New Born Truth from Omnipresence has also succeeded internationally.

Fireproven's keys to success are great contacts to their fans and with media around the world. The band's unique sound has inspired people across the genre limits to enjoy the freedom of music.

Finnish prog metallers FIREPROVEN are invited to “SIM São Paulo 2018” , in collaboration with “Bad Samba” , a cultural export concept designed to map and grow the demand for Finnish music in Latin American countries. Bad Samba ’s operation led by Kari Rantala has thirty years of experience in the music industry as a agent, promoter and manager. “SIM São Paulo 2018” will take place on December 5th-9th in São Paulo, Brazil. Event page, here . Get more information on Bad Samba, at this location .

“Hi, great news from the world! This showcase slot in SIM São Paulo, given to us, is one of our most important events and things for the future. SIM São Paulo is the largest and most important music event in South America. We have invested in a foreign promotion in South America (Brazil, Peru, Chile) via Bad Samba and now it is beginning to produce fruit. We are probably the first Finnish band, which is going to happen to be called by the crowd. We bring Finnish musical know-how and our music to the outside world with pride, and we will not disappoint the invitees.”

Connecting to the big and shameless potential continental music industry and the export destinations made to the target area begin to produce results. Meetings in Brazil, Peru and Chile have snooped far into the second hundred personal music industry encounters: record companies, distributors, stream services, promoters, tour organizers and the media. In May 2018, a metallurgical press conference, co-produced by Bad Samba and the Finnish Embassy in Brazil, gathered more than twenty leading media people from the radio, the net and the print to the Sao Paulo Consulate.

Determined export work has culminated in the Bad Samba cover for FIREPROVEN for the band to be invited to the next SIM Sao Paulo professional event in early December, which is the most important music industry in South America with its seminars and showcases. There are thousands of art performers every year and FIREPROVEN is supposed to be the first Finnish band to be called on to evaluate the international participation of the SIM SP event. Global encounters, in addition to appearances, provide a great platform for networking, promotion and contract negotiations. The Bad Samba Representative was also invited to discuss the state of Finland’s music and its attractiveness from that point of view.

FIREPROVEN ‘s ruthlessness and virtuosity, mainly in the field of progressive metal, are beginning to bear fruit. After the release of the great ”Omnipresence” EP, the group released a long-term “Future Diary” -debut full length album in the spring of 2018. A good review activity continued, and the record was noted in the summer, for example, in Brazil’s largest heavyrock print publication in Roadie Crew with a score of 8.5 / 10. Many metalheads in the professional metal music area has predicted Fireproven is a next Finnish breakthrough in the genre.

Bad Samba’s work continues to build a more comprehensive network in Latin America. The concept is also constantly seeking export-eligible and potential artists for their representation. These can be both newer talents or other places that are already established, which are of interest to a new, large and passionate audience. In this case, Bad Samba offers its services to the artist’s management by reinforcing it.

Watch FIREPROVEN’s lyric video/single “The Tower” of their debut album “Future Diary” (released digitally on March 23rd, 2018) :

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