A.R.T. RECORDS SINGLES SERIES VOL.2 (Review by Varg The Mighty) Bathory'Zine! Saturday February 6 2021, 4:32 PM
A.R.T. RECORDS SINGLES SERIES VOL.2 (Review by Varg The Mighty) Bathory'Zine!

A.R.T. RECORDS SINGLES SERIES VOL.2 (Review by Varg The Mighty) Bathory'Zine ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.bathoryzine.com/2021/02/art-records-singles-series-vol2-review.html

Today’s review is of A.R.T. Records’ new singles compilation, all of American Death Metal bands. This compilation of unreleased tracks really displays the multiple subtly different approaches to the genre that exist throughout the country, with some tracks being really pure Death Metal and others being slightly mixed with Thrash or Black Metal. What they all have in common is this: all bands featured are brutal, old-school and raw (but only enough as to be cool and still be understandable). If you play this release, you’ll get hints of Cannibal Corpse sometimes, on other songs of Deicide and perhaps even of more distant from Death Metal bands like Macabre or Rotting Christ. This is quite enjoyable and doesn’t really have any skippable tracks. If you’re an avid collector and a fan of any of the bands included (Deracination, Faithful Witness, Final Prophecy, Mansoul, Oblation, Royal Anguish and The Risen) you should consider buying this. I recommend this compilation to fans of American Death Metal. - Review by Varg The Mighty) Bathory'Zine

RELEASE DATE: November 27, 2020

THE UNRELEASED... With this second (and final) volume, THRASHBACK RECORDS is pleased to bring you what was to be the second wave of 7” vinyl releases on the Florida based A.R.T. Records label. Three of these releases were splits with the concept being to present opposing styles within the Death Metal genre.

ROYAL ANGUISH / THE RISEN: This collection begins with two tracks that were exclusively recorded for the vinyl release. Florida versus New York style Death Metal is what’s on hand.

OBLATION / DERACINATION: Here we have Florida inspired Death Metal (by way of Texas) versus a Napalm Death influenced assault from Down Under. This version of “Death By Fire” was exclusively recorded for the 7” release and is far more brutal than the version on their debut album “Times Of Atrocity” that preceded it.

FAITHFUL WITNESS / MANSOUL: East Coast Death Metal versus a blend of Florida Death Metal and Megadeth inspired Thrash riffing.

FINAL PROPHECY: The sole non-split release. Both tracks are exclusive 7” remixes. These remixes were not included on the "Re-Awakening" released which we licensed to Roxx Records in 2018.

This 2020 reissue features all 4 titles in their entirety, fully remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound from the original DAT masters, and an 8-page booklet. This special release also features 2 bonus tracks, one each from Royal Anguish and Faithful Witness.

This special CD release is limited to a pressing of 300 units with only 270 units available for sale.

ORDER HERE: www.https://thrashbackrecords.bigcartel.com/

FOR FANS OF: Death, Napalm Death, Suffocation, (early) Living Sacrifice

1. ROYAL ANGUISH "Retrospect"
2. ROYAL ANGUISH "Shocking The Priest" [Alt. Compilation Mix - Bonus Track)
3. THE RISEN "Mortal Decay"
4. OBLATION "Dead Unborn"
5. DERACINATION "Death By Fire""
7. FAITHFUL WITNESS "Trembling Of Spirit" [Unreleased Bonus Track]
8. MANSOUL "Justified By Blood"
9. FINAL PROPHECY "Through Eyes Of Fire" [7" Remix]
10. FINAL PROPHECY "We Must Die" [7" Remix]

ORDER HERE: www.https://thrashbackrecords.bigcartel.com/

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