Special split between Portugal's MORTE INCANDESCENTE and Germany's ILLUM ADORA Thursday March 23 2017, 8:52 PM
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Special split between Portugal's MORTE INCANDESCENTE and Germany's ILLUM ADORA

WAR ARTS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special split CD between Portugal's MORTE INCANDESCENTE and Germany's ILLUM ADORA, jointly titled Remnants of a Flaming Past. Presenting 10 tracks exclusive to this release, Remnants of a Flaming Past is indeed aptly titled: here, you will find black metal from ancient times, imbued with the nastiness for which WAR ARTS is renowned.

Of course, MORTE INCANDESCENTE are no strangers to the label, having released their career apex ...o mundo morreu! last year through WAR ARTS. In many ways, MORTE INCANDESCENTE's five songs on this split stick to the unblemished sound of its full-length predecessor - unholy and anguished, hateful and melancholic in equal measures, brimming with a fiery essence and yet uncaring for conventional human definitions of "passion" - but somehow, the duo render their compositions both more antagonized and triumphant, melodic but buried in grime. In that sense, ILLUM ADORA are a perfect counterpart for a split record. Although a relatively new entity, to date, the trio have released two demos and an EP, and feature scene veteran Hurricane Hellfukker on guitar and vocals. More to the point, despite that supposed "newness," ILLUM ADORA's mildewed 'n' miserable sound hearkens back just as strongly to the ancient '90s black metal scene, bilious and imbalanced, raw yet resolute.

Take this torch and set the present ablaze - here are Remnants of a Flaming Past!


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