SJUKDOM stream new OSMOSE album at "Decibel" magazine's website Monday October 22 2018, 8:46 PM
SJUKDOM stream new OSMOSE album at "Decibel" magazine's website

Today, Norse black metal revivalists  Sjukdom  stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album, Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer , at Decibel magazine's website . Set for international release on October 26th via  Osmose Productions , hear  Sjukdom 's  Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer  in its entirety exclusively HERE .

Sjukdom  has its origins in mid-2011 when drummer Natt and vocalist Avsky, fueled by their mutual passion for black metal, decided to start a project of their own. The goal was to create black metal in the traditional Norwegian style - aggressive, cold, and without mercy. By September of 2011, guitarist Hul had joined the band and the name of  Sjukdom  was chosen.
With the addition of bass player Pesta, the band would also step out of the rehearsal room and perform the first live rituals in the summer of 2012, quickly followed by several memorable autumn concerts, performing alongside bands such as Blood Red Throne and Skaur.
By early 2013, the recording of the debut album  Når alt mørkner  was initiated, and the album would eventually be self-released by the band in December 2013. Met with positive feedback and reviews, the album was a clear nod towards the '90s black metal scene in Norway and was quickly embraced by fans as a solid piece of work.  
Sjukdom  would again step into the writting process, and when the band was joined by Nekrosis on bass in 2015, recording of the next album was in the making. Entitled  Stridshymner og Dødssalmer , this album stands tall as a brutal and fast-paced album.
Joining forces with  Osmose Productions  in 2017, the final steps are being taken towards a more active future for the band both on and off stage.

In the leadup to its release this Friday, stream Sjukdom 's  Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer  in its entirety exclusively HERE , courtesy of Decibel , North America's only monthly metal magazine. Preorder info can be found  HERE . Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sjukdom's  Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer
1. Dødssalmer 
2. I En Storm Av Stål
3. Lykantropi
4. Med En Fot I Graven
5. Nærvær
6. Skudd For Skudd
7. Terra Nihil Productions-192865300755575

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