HOLY SHIRE - "Danse Macabre": new single & official video Friday October 19 2018, 3:29 PM
HOLY SHIRE - "Danse Macabre": new single & official video

After "The Legendary Shepherds Of The Forest", today comes the new single and official video "Danse Macabre", second extract from HOLY SHIRE's brand-new album - fantasy metal band from Milan -, coming out on the next week, friday October 26th.

We find two exceptional guests on vocals: special / nursery rhyme and backing vocals are by Simona Aileen Pala, already presented as Holy Shire's former Unicorn Vocals and later guest at many live shows; on the chorus and in the closure to taste the unmistakable voice of Masha Mysmane, leader of Exilia, who also worked on the production of the whole song.

"Danse Macabre" (Official Video) >

Available from today on all major digital platforms.

The band reveals about the song:
The most fascinating theme, which concerns us all, that accompanies us throughout life and sometimes touches us. No one escapes, sooner or later we will all dance with the black lady. The macabre dance with the Death that does not spare anyone, the party to exorcise the biggest fear, a banquet as in the video by Francesco Collinelli, where the characters are inebriated with life but inevitably succumb. Medieval theme that we have dressed in folk, and that with the skilled hand in the production of Masha Mysmane (Exilia) has taken on more marked metal sounds, with a special nursery rhyme in Italian sung by Simona Aileen and the unmistakable voice of Masha that scratches and reports us from the ancient suggestions directly to 2018.

The new album "The Legendary Shepherds Of The Forest" will be released on October 26th by the label Heavy Metal Records (UK) and will be presented the same day at the Legend Club in Milan, as opening acts will play Insubria and Degrees Of Truth. Info > http://bit.ly/2O364J0


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