Australian one-man post-metal assault PROJECT:HEAVENSENT offers massive debut Thursday October 18 2018, 8:25 PM
 Australian one-man post-metal assault PROJECT:HEAVENSENT offers massive debut

Driving power of Neurosis, Mouth of the Architect surface in delicate yet crushing first effort from Melbourne project.

Set in a future where humanity has been forced to leave Earth in search of continued existence elsewhere, the debut concept release from Project:Heavensent presents both a science fiction narrative and a highly personal exploration of love, altruism, depression, and the ways humans value ourselves under the weight of societal pressures.

Project:Heavensent is comprised solely of one individual, multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/vocalist Adam Kluga. Having previously worked as a producer and released metal-oriented instrumental records under the pseudonym "On Wings Of Wax," he now brings his experience and raw energy to bear in creating a landslide of post-metallic heavy atmospherics for the story of Project:Heavensent.

The self-titled debut record draws from influences ranging from the post-metal of Cult of Luna and Russian Circles, Aussie progressive giants Karnivool and Cog, and the post-rock textures of Jakob, La Dispute and Sigur Ros.

Humbly, Adam describes the record as, "A synopsis, of sorts, setting a foundation of things to come, exploring some broad themes in a future where we've been left no choice but to leave our home behind and seek to start again someplace new."

Press Raves for Adam's "On Wings of Wax" Project:

Deeply layered guitar and ambient sound play on themes of sensory deprivation and isolation. This entire album is one long walk down the mental corridors of this artist and it is captivating. The textured nature of this piece had me enraptured and I wanted to hear more. - Prog Rock Music Talk

Expansive, vibrant but also filled with its share of melancholy. The album is truly an example of ‘mise en place’ as it has everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t. - Sputnik Music

Project:Heavensent releases digitally on November 10th via all worldwide digital distribution channels.

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