CRYPTIC HATRED: Decibel Magazine streams "Internal Torment" LP from Finnish death metal crew, album out this Friday Monday July 1 2024, 12:30 PM
CRYPTIC HATRED: Decibel Magazine streams "Internal Torment" LP from Finnish death metal crew, album out this Friday

Ahead of its release this Friday on the twisted Time To Kill Records roster, Decibel Magazine today presents an exclusive stream of "Internal Torment", the merciless sophomore LP from Finnish death metal crew CRYPTIC HATRED.

Stream "'Internal Torment" at THIS LOCATION .

Inarguably the band’s most diverse work to date,“Internal Torment” ventures far beyond the conventions of old school death metal, without surrendering an ounce of viciousness. Strong nuances of doom and creepy melodies can be heard throughout the record’s ten tracks concluding fittingly with a suffocating wall of sound that leaves its listeners bruised, battered, and shaken.

The album highlights the band’s surgical and intuitive take on death metal mechanics - yet also channels eerie atmospheres and dimensions through moments of tension and tranquility, coexisting in a fragile balance. Between riffs born of primal rage, to melodies seemingly from other worlds, “Internal Torment” is an album that delivers on all levels of darkness in uncanny and transcendental ways. Brace yourself for a journey through the unknown, rendered in haunting, mesmerisingly cryptic death metal!


01. Death Is Upon You
02. Breeding of Evil
03. Chasm of Void
04. Homicidal Intentions
05. Mesmerized by the Malignant Gaze
06. Tomb of Desecration
07. Mauled To Flesh
08. Beyond Hatred
09. The Passage
10. Internal Torment

Pre orders:

https://cryptichatred. torment collections/cryptic-hatred

CRYPTIC HATRED emerged from the depths of the Finnish underground death metal scene in 2020, with their debut demo titled “Free From The Grave”. Founded in 2019 by a group of four school friends driven by their passion for extreme music, the band quickly gained recognition for their intense and visceral old school sound.

Initially drawing inspiration from the old-school Florida death metal scene, CRYPTIC HATRED embarked on a journey of sonic exploration, pushing the boundaries of their genre and forging their own unique path. With a relentless dedication to their craft, the band honed their skills and evolved their sound, blending elements of death metal with haunting melodies and cryptic atmospheres. As CRYPTIC HATRED continued to refine their sound, they gained a reputation for their mesmerizing live performances, where the raw energy of their music collided with an aura of mystique and darkness.

In 2022, CRYPTIC HATRED released their debut album, "Nocturnal Sickness" which received critical acclaim for its unrelenting intensity and haunting melodies. The album showcased the band's ability to seamlessly weave together brutality and their cryptic harmonies, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Now, as they prepare to unleash their sophomore album, "Internal Torment", upon the world in the summer of 2024, CRYPTIC HATRED stands poised to solidify their place as pioneers of their cryptic metal take on death metal. With each track crafted to evoke a sense of inner thoughts and existential dread, "Internal Torment" promises to be a journey all the way from Florida Death Metal bomb blast beats, to melancholic Finnish death metal atmospheres.

Driven by a relentless passion for their art and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of extreme music, CRYPTIC HATRED continues to defy expectations and redefine what it means to create truly mesmerizing and cryptic metal. With their sophomore release on the horizon, the band's enigmatic allure shows no signs of fading, ensuring that their legacy will endure long into the future.


Eemil Lajoma - Guitar & Vocals
Tatu Saves - Drums
Miska Hagelberg - Bass
Joonas Honkanen - Guitar

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